How To Pick The Right Lighting For Every Room In The House

Strike the perfect balance of functionality and beauty, and lighting could be what transforms your house into a home.

“Should we have white lights, or yellow ones? Lamps on the floor, or all over the wall? And oh, how much light is too much light?”

If the conversation you just read seems familiar, it’s probably because all of us have, invariably enough, been a part of it at some point in our lives. The truth is, lighting forms an incredibly important part of home decor today, and it’s only fair to treat it as such. Think of doing up your room as, well, dressing up for an event. While your choice of clothing is important, it’s your accessories and makeup that really end up accentuating your features and completing the look. Lighting, in essence, does an identical job when it comes to home decor, so it’s imperative to give it attention it warrants.

The thing with your choice of lights, though, is that it needs to be not just aesthetically appealing, but rather functional too. Striking the right balance between the two is key, and if you’re reading this, we’re guessing you’re looking to do just that.

So, if you’re on the hunt to pick the right lighting, here’s an informative guide on just how you can do it for every room in the house!

The Living Room

The name’s a huge giveaway, because unless you’re a hermit, you will spend a majority of your time in the living room. That’s where your television set is, that’s where your dining table is, and the couch, and so on and so forth.

When it comes to lighting, the first thing to take into account is the floor space at your disposal. If you have a large amount of floor space at your disposal, you can afford to set up some gorgeous floor lamps, as there would be less clutter.


However, if you live in a smaller apartment, with less floor space and more furniture, you can’t afford to do that, so opting for wall lamps instead would be wise.


Another thing you need to keep into account is how much natural light you are blessed with. Goes without saying, but the more natural light you receive, the fewer lighting installations you’ll need — during the day, anyway!

The Bedroom

The functionality of your room matters, so your bedroom doesn’t need not be overly lit. Do away with lightings in false ceilings — that’s a thing of the past — and light up the room in a more intimate manner instead. Localising your light sources as opposed to illuminating the whole room with one huge tubelight is one gorgeous way to go about it, while adding multiple small lighting points with dimmers will not just look pretty, but will help save energy too.



The Kitchen

Logically speaking, your kitchen needs to be well lit, because if it isn’t, there could be catastrophes. It’s the busiest part of the house, after all, where you’ll be dealing with gas connections, knives, fire, and other things that could potentially kill you, so safety comes first. However, you mustn’t let that discourage you from playing around with the settings!

For starters, having multiple levels of lighting could work wonders. Installing overhead, cabinet, and lower levels of lighting will ensure you get that desired combination of functionality and aesthetics. Having said that, “well-lit” doesn’t mean the lights need to be powerful and blinding. Avoid anything that’s overly bright, or something that’s overly dim, and you should be good to go.


The Bathroom

Lights. Over. Mirrors. Please! The bathroom is the last place people think about when it comes to lighting, but it needs to be incredibly well-lit too. This is where you bathe, and where you shave, and perform other similar daily tasks, so it needs to actually resemble daylight, if possible.


So, think strong overhead lights for general illumination, and a ton of task lights around the sink, the mirrors, the bathtub, the shower area, and the like. Remember, the more lights you instal, the better the bathroom will look and feel!

General Rules To Remember

There are three kinds of lighting you need to keep in mind: task lighting, ambient lighting, and decorative lighting. Finding the right combination of all three is key.


We can’t stress enough, there needs to be the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics — so don’t compromise on either!

Lamps and dimmers will actually make your room look prettier. Remember, when it comes to intimate settings, less is more.

It’s also crucial to know the kind of bulbs you’ll need. LED or CFL? How many watts? White light or yellow? Speak to an expert if you’re unsure, because it really makes a difference to the overall look and feel of an apartment.


And lastly, remember, it’s your house. There is no hard and fast rule, and what matters at the end is how you like your apartment to look and feel because you’ll be the one living in it. So take a leap of faith and be creative, and know that different things work for different people — so be bold and go for it!

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