How to stay upbeat during a lockdown

It will be over soon. Don't let it crush you. Here are some tips (and buys) to help you get through these times.

Yes, times are hard. No, they won’t last forever. Things will get better sooner than later. Stay safe, stay optimistic, and stay with us as we share some tips (and buys) to help you get through these trying times.

This writer sees a therapist. Naturally, they asked them for ways to deal with this lockdown. Here’s what they had to offer.


As of writing, it is Day 8 of the Covid-19 lockdown in India. By now your natural tendency towards either pleasure or achievement will be making itself known.

As we peer into the tunnel of, possibly, an extended period of self-isolation, not thinking about how we are going to spend those myriad hours is likely to see it all come stickily unstuck. A plan, however, conceived and executed, could add a silver lining to an otherwise dark and cloudy outlook.


In times of uncertainty and immobility, it is too easy to sit back and become passive, waiting for the dramas to be managed by others. But simply brooding on personal misfortune or excessively self-soothing with indulgent pleasures during self-isolation is a wasted opportunity. The key is balance.

Certainly we can re-connect with nature, we can eat healthier foods, and we can catch up on movies and books, but it is also important to set meaningful personal goals for ourselves.


We can all take this opportunity to reflect on what is important to us, to re-connect with family and to review the way that we live our lives. It is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on our ways of living. It should be grasped with both hands.”

There is no reason to be bored or frustrated while stuck at home. By scheduling specific times to work on specific goals, we bring structure to our day. By recording our daily progress towards these goals,we generate momentum. 

Bear in mind that goals should be specific, realistic, positive, and aligned with personal values. For overall wellbeing, it is a good idea to make sure goals include physical, social and creative activities.

Physically, people can, for example, set up a home gym or use their daily trip outside to develop a running or walking programme. There are also plenty of online fitness programmes.


Social opportunities are obviously limited, but we can catch up with those email contacts who have gently slipped too far away from us, we can phone dear friends and talk at length, and we can write to all manner of people to share how important our relationships with them are.

Creatively, we can ask ourselves what we’re not good at — singing, dancing, poetry — and decide to see how good we can get.


An uncertain number of weeks of lockdown will make it easy to feel irritated and stressed by living closely with others, even if they are your soul mates. Now is an ideal time to sit down and set shared goals.

Talk more, plan more and schedule more shared, pleasurable activities together. This will help you cope with the inevitable stresses and changes of the “new normal”.

And on that long-ish note, here are some things that can help you handle the lockdown better-ish.



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Avinash Subramaniam

Avinash has been an advertising writer, fiction writer, poetry writer, freelance writer and serial wronger. Other roles he has been in include those of an editor, brand builder, and teacher. His interests include advertising, scrabble, body building, chess, cinema, making money, reading, internet culture, cricket, photography. To hear him air his thoughts, follow him on Twitter @armchairexpert.


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