How to wear peep toes.

Open toe shoes have been the cutting-edge shoe trend for the past few years and will remain so for at least the next few seasons to come. How to wear them right?

Open toe shoes have been the cutting-edge shoe trend for the past few years and will maintain its momentum in the next few seasons. It’s no wonder they’re here to stay; peep toe shoes are just so irresistibly sexy yet sophisticated!

Thanks to Sex & the City Carrie Bradshaw the peep toe booties have become a major hit and won’t make us look stupid in winter! They’re perfect for both everyday and special occasions, from skinny jeans, tights to pencil skirts.

Peep toe shoes can add a chic glam-factor of your outfit! Whatever season we’re in, open toe shoes will always add a little va-va-voom to your style. You can find them in all kinds of designs, such as vampy open toe boots, cute & classic flats and of course, the classic and wonderful pump style.

How to Buy Open Toe Shoes?

Select a pair that flatter your legs and height.

Peep toe shoes are in general quite flattering because they show some skin at the tip of your feet. However there are some adjustments that need to be made if you are Petite and/or have full/short legs.

Opt for open toes in a color that is similar to your bottom (skin tone, hosiery or bottom) to visually elongate your legs. Colour blocking instantly shortens your legs.

Select a heel shape that is scaled to the size of your feet and ankles. So opt for a sturdier heel. Thinner if you have delicate legs.

Details and colours draw attention downwards and are a great way to highlight a pair of great legs or balance out a top-heavy body shape. Overload of footwear interest can shorten your legs, so keep the details simple. 

Consider your office’s dress code. Open-toe shoes are usually inappropriate for formal office settings because of their slightly playful look. However, they’re perfectly fine in casual/business casual environment and can be a chic way to spiff up your pencil skirts.

Select the right shoe size. Make sure that it doesn’t look like your one big toe it sticking out like a camel’s toe or like your foot is giving someone the ‘finger’. So make sure you pick the right size for your feet (length and width-wise). Another trick is to wear a pair which reveals at least a part of the next toe so that the one big toe doesn’t look lonely.

How to Wear Peep Toe Shoes?

When it’s not too hot or humid, pair them up with hosiery like for example opaque or cable knit tights, lace tights or leggings. The hosiery will balance heavier sweaters and layered looks, so you’ll avoid looking like a huge cone.

Be Creative. This means that although they ooze a glamorous sex appeal you can pair them with something casual, and not just with your cocktail dress or pencil skirt.

Mixing casual with glam is super-chic and ups your style envelope. Wear a pair of peep toe boots with knit sweaters, long tees or tunics. Or try peep toe flats with jeans or shorts.

Finally, great-looking Toes. Get them pedicured, manicured, and maybe trim the hair on ’em too. Also switch nail polish color for a sassy shoe look. And this is the bit you must never forget: chipped nail polish or dirty nails + open toe look untidy and so not sexy.

Keeping these tips in mind, here are four pairs of peep toes we have laid out for your consideration. Come on in, take your pick, and go places in style.  

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