Independence Day Special: Home Decor Made Using Traditional Indian Craft Forms

A proud day for Indians is just around the corner. It’s the second week of August. You know what we are talking about. Are you ready to celebrate your independence with India? Here are 8 very Indian, very traditional, and very handcrafted ways to do it.

India is possibly the world’s Mecca for arts and crafts. A mind-boggling variety of unique objet d’art can be found in every nook and corner of India. At Engrave, it’s our mission to bring the best of them to you. This Independence Day, we invite you to make an ancient and quintessentially Indian part of India a part of your life for the years to come. Many of these heritage professions are struggling for survival. We urge you to bless them with the freedom to keep producing the work they do so well by supporting them. .


The art of Warli art and the craft of Dhokra are both thousands of years old. Unravel India marries these timeless art forms to modern pieces of decor to elevate the spaces you inhabit. Take, for instance, this clock.


This by Studio Moya is a fabulous way to throw brilliant light (literally) on the skill and intricate appeal of block printing, which has been practiced in India for millennia. See the light.


The Madhubani paintings are a boon to India’s rich culture of art and expression. This form of art is world famous and owned by art aficionados around the world. Craftbell gives you an opportunity to make it a part of your life with this lamp in terracotta, imagination, and Madhubani.


The art of Bidar is about inlaying silver or gold on black metal. Bidar work is a well-known handicraft of India brought into the country by Persian artists in the 14th and 15th century. This by Bidriwala is a shining example of it.


Magnificent, bright, vivid Ikat art brings this set of coasters by Kolorobia to life and reminds us of the beauty that is waiting to be discovered in so many nooks and corners around India. Discover more.



This is a beautiful handcrafted mask in papier mache. Look how this deer is beaming. It has been painted in Pattachitra style. Pattachitra is a traditional painting of India. It originated in West Bengal, Odisha, and nearby areas in Eastern India. Here’s your opportunity to introduce it to your part of this diverse country.


The craft of creating baskets in bamboo is an essential one. Not only are these baskets more durable, they are also a better alternative to other popular solutions that are far from eco-friendly. Inside, this basket by Maya Organic is a work of Channapatna art, a set of beautifully handcrafted wooden eggs.


Independence Day is a good occasion to embark on something new, important, eye-catching…something that puts you in a good state of mind. This name plate in Warli Art is a shining example of that something. Give your name and home a facelift with a arresting touch of India.

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