The Story of Indian Art #19: Paresh Maity

A look at the life and work of prolific Indian artist Paresh Maity, whose masterful use of colour will leave you mesmerised.

“Art should always give you happiness and (convey the) glory of life. That is the fundamental point of any art.” – Paresh Maity

What you learn, you break, likes to say Paresh Maity. For Maity, the journey from Tamluk in Midnapore to the Marina Bay Sands Exhibition to Tate Britain, to shows in New York, Tokyo and Istanbul with the Padma Shri under his belt, the trajectory has been long, full of hard work and very enriching. Here are the highlights of the story so far.

Paresh Maity

Paresh Maity

Maity was born in 1965 in Tamluk, a suburban town near the Bay of Bengal. Asia’s premier art institution, Kolkata’s The Government College of Art gave Maity a strong foundation in the grammar and technique of art that shaped him into the master craftsman he is today.

His creative process leans towards aesthetics, harmony, ceremony, and relationships. His early nurturing in rural Bengal strongly influenced his imagination towards nature and the more harmonious music of life. “There is no end or beginning in my works, just people and thoughts moving, sometimes merging into each other and sometimes spinning together,” says Maity.

Painting in Blossom

Painting in Blossom by Paresh Maity

Like the sea, Maity’s imagination is continuously flowing. This reflects in his art. He doesn’t like stick to one medium for too long and doesn’t have a single favourite medium of art.

Picasso’s life and works changed every day, till the last day of his life. This can be said about Paresh Maity’s oeuvre as well. He likes viewing and working with huge canvases and it makes him feel like he is part of something much bigger and beautiful.

Equal Rhythm

Equal Rhythm by Paresh Maity

Maity finds it difficult to respond to questions about how long he takes to finish a painting. “Every single stroke is a sum of my entire life’s journey, so logically I can say that it took me 40-50 years to paint that work!”

You are cordially invited to explore the extraordinary ways in which Paresh Maity sees the world, here.

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