This World Chocolate Day, We Got Our Favourite Indian Chocolatiers To Express Their Love For Chocolate

Therapy, their passion, a provider of warmth, or the love of their life — learn what a bar of chocolate can mean to these fanatical chocolate makers!

All you need is love — but a little chocolate every now and then doesn’t hurt

Anyone who’s ever eaten a bar of chocolate will tell you that while a little chocolate doesn’t hurt, a whole lot of it certainly helps make the world a happier and better place. Although the origins of chocolate can be traced back to 1900 BCE, July 7th, 1550 was the day it was introduced to Europeans, and subsequently, spread around the world to its colonies — and thus, it is celebrated today as World Chocolate Day. It’s one thing to enjoy a bar of chocolate, though, and quite another to be fanatical enough to turn into a chocolatier and start your own chocolate factory. And frankly, who knows chocolates better and loves them more than the Willy Wonkas of the world? Thus, this World Chocolate Day, we’ve decided to feature some of our favourite chocolatiers, to view the world of chocolates through their lovestruck lenses.

Tarun Sareen, Royal Beans Chocolate

Tarun Sareen

Tarun Sareen – Founder, Royal Beans


Chocolate is like therapy for me. It’s as complex as wine and the one eating it uses all their senses to get a complete experience of a good chocolate. Since I make artistic chocolates, it helps keep the right part of my brain more active and satisfies my creative self too. In fact, you could say I fell in love with the science behind the chocolates — the ample possibilities of flavours and new experiences that can be achieved by combining chocolates with other ingredients and the artistic outlet it provides. Simply put, it’s beautiful!

His Favourite Chocolate: I am a coffee lover and my current favourite is our Cappuccino flavour. It’s a combination of milk chocolate with coffee. The aroma of coffee and a good Belgian chocolate is too divine and I can never seem to get enough of it.

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Maulik and Riddhi Gala, Binge Bites

Ridhi and Maulik Gala - Founders, Binge Bites

Riddhi and Maulik Gala – Founders, Binge Bites

Chocolate is not simply a passion for us — it’s a way of life. Why? Because Chocolate is one of the few foods that’s known to instantly bring a feeling happiness. Happiness when you see one, happiness when you smell one, happiness when you feel it in your hand, happiness when you hear the crunch of the chocolate in your mouth, and of course, the warmth and happiness that passes through your body when you finally eat and taste it! I doubt there’s anything else that can trigger all five senses as easily as a Chocolate does. In fact, I love chocolate so much, I fell in love with a Chocolatier — Riddhi, my wife — and everything else fell in place and has been wonderful ever since!

Their Favourite Chocolate: Almond Nutella Sticks! They are our all time favourite and very special to us. It’s a result of lot of trial and errors, but the final product is simply to die for — or should we say, live for!

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Sanjoy Solomon, Bean Therapy

Sanjay Solmon

Sanjay Solomon – Founder, Bean Therapy

I personally believe chocolate could be classified as a food that can easily trigger emotions. It gives me a feeling of wellbeing, that joy brought by the small things in life. I’ve always loved dark chocolates, and as a kid, I have fond memories of visiting duty free chocolate stores at airports with my family simply to get my hands on some. In fact, when we traveled, that was simply the best part of any trip, because the sheer variety of chocolate used to just amaze me. I guess my love affair with chocolates began during one of these visits, and has continued ever since!

His Favourite Chocolate: My favourite chocolate bar would be the Guntur Chilly chocolate. I really enjoy the balance of bitter and sweet flavour profiles with a hint of cinnamon and the intense heat of the chilly towards the end. It’s different yet delicious, which is why I recommend it to everyone!

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Luvin Paryani, Indah Chocolates

Luvin Paryani - Founder, Indah Chocolates

Luvin Paryani – Founder, Indah Chocolates

I started Indah out of a lifetime love of chocolate. My friends and family often said that given enough time, it was inevitable that I would open a chocolate factory at some point in my life. They watched me travel to Bali to intern at a chocolate factory, go around South India for months where I did nothing but meet cocoa growers, and also dabble and experiment by growing small cocoa plants in my own house — all which has led to Indah becoming the pioneer bean-to-bar chocolate maker in India!

His Favourite Chocolate: I’m a sucker for dark chocolate, so Indah’s Salt And Almond Dark Chocolate has to be my favourite. It contains the ultimate sweet and salty crunch, in perfect balance, and I can’t get enough of it!

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