Editor’s Picks: Kerala’s Finest Makers

This blog is dedicated to Kerala. We ask for your support in their time of need. Please consider some of the beautiful products our makers from Kerala have crafted for you.

This blog is dedicated to Kerala. It is a prayer for a speedy recovery from the catastrophic floods. We ask for your support in their time of need. Please consider purchasing some of the beautiful products our creative makers from Kerala have crafted for you. We welcome you to get to know them better.


After spending years in the Indian Army and a stint thereafter in the education sector, Colonel Francis Mathai (Retd.) returned to ‘God’s Own Country’ for something different. His introduction to ‘real’ Honey happened over the last few years, thanks to a broader interest in sustainable living.

In Kerala, he has found the perfect setting to cultivate world class honey, for instance, this one, which is made from ingredients sourced from the outskirts of Nilambur Forests in Kerala,

and this one,

Infusing honey with different flavours, each imbibing the flavour and the medicinal properties of the spices, Arista is a whole new way of looking at honey.

Earlier this year, Colonel Francis Mathai (Retd.) established Silverland Agro Products with the aim to provide the best quality agro products to society. You will find more from Arista here.


Makeoverart is art studio creating beautiful wall art, paintings, canvas sets, framed art prints, cousin covers, wall clocks, and more. Their subjects are abstract figurative, landscapes, cityscapes, pop art, floral, still life, divine art, and many more that will elevate the spaces in your home and elsewhere. Two examples of this work that we would like to introduce you to, to begin with, you will find here ,

and here

For more, you are cordially invited to visit here.


Meet Bijesh Sankar. He is a realistic digital Caricaturist from Kochi, Kerala. He is extremely passionate about art. He earned his BFA in from Calicut University, Kerala.

Here are two pieces of the many examples of my work that I would like to introduce you to. This form of work I enjoy a lot. Here is one example.

And what do you think of this?


“Art is a different world for me. I enjoy it more than any other activity. I don’t feel that drawing is a work. It’s like worshipping for me and I respect it. I play with my digital pen to capture the moment on to a Laptop and put my years of experience to it. My talent to make portraits brings a pleasant smile on my client’s face. My work has also been recognized and kept by Kerala’s personalities like Bharath Mohanlal, Kunchako Boban, and others. You will find many of my works of art here.

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