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Most of us live in concrete jungles. To a large extent, this means we are deprived of surroundings that are green. This is not good for our mental and physical well-being. We present you with a set of beautiful planters to address this problem. This way, please.

Most of us live in concrete jungles. To a large extent, this means we are deprived of surroundings that are green. This is not good for our mental and physical well-being. Plants reduce stress levels, focus better, filter the air of impurities, and help you heal faster. These are just some of the advantages of surrounding yourself with plants. For all these reasons and more, we should make plants a part of our surroundings. But this can be hard to do in bustling, crowded, and space-constrained cities.

If you have nice planters, nurturing plants at home or in our gardens becomes a pleasurable and rewarding activity you are motivated to pursue. Keeping this in mind, we bring you this blog dedicated to a range of cool, quirky, beautiful, and eco-friendly planters we have in store for you. Take your pick and make greenery an integral part of your life in the concrete jungle.


Edges done right add character to your spaces. The Diamante Planter by Eliteearth is an eye-catching example of this. These handcrafted planters are steeped in character and are available in a variety of tints to match your interior or exterior theme.



This egg-shaped planter by Pawan Emporium is made with cane and lined with a metal rim. It is an aesthetic way to add a touch of green and flash of elegance no matter where you choose to place it.



These cast fibre planters are hand crafted and coated with clear low glass lacquer to prevent oxidization – this makes them easy to clean and last longer. The Victorian styled design makes a classic home for your plants. They are brought to you by Karara Mujassme.


The mindful and creative folks at Krystal Kraft bring you this planter made with recycled glass and an up-cycled liquor bottle. It’s a stylish, sleek, and eco-friendly way to make your plants feel loved and at home.


Taking small boulder stones, Songs of Summer has put together this cylindrical planter with a glazed washed and hues of blue surface. It’s rustic and appealing to look at and turns any plant into a gorgeous item of earthy decor.


Made from Canadian pinewood, this planter from Rassaa is classy and cheerful. The colours are diverse and will match well with a number of decor themes. The design is inventive and plant-friendly. All of which makes it a welcome addition to your world.


Ahoy, fish lovers! There is absolutely nothing questionable about this pair of fishy business. In fact, these cuties by Prizum are a most desirable answer for anyone who is looking for an adorable place to house their plants. Get hooked.


More often than not, it’s best to keep your distance from a wheeler-dealer. If you’re not careful, they’ll take you for a ride. However, this quirky planter from District 18 is one ride you want to take your plants on. Get on it.

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