Meet the Maker: Manissha Dutta Chohan – Cape of Good Soap

Let’s meet Manissha Dutta Chohan, the heart, soul, and brains behind Cape of Good Soap that invites you to take a fresh look at the world of handcrafted bathing soap.

No two individuals are alike and the nature’s bounty is generous, what with so many different herbs and elements she has bestowed on humankind. Driven by these two factors, Mumbai-based Cape of Good Soap have made it their mission to keep trying to expand their existing range of soaps and introduce people to a range of healthful elements via the fine art of making bathing soap.

Handcrafters of unique soaps, Cape of Good Soap work on the principle of “If you can think it, we can create it.” Let’s meet Manissha Dutta Chohan, the heart, soul, and brains behind this most creative venture.


Manissha Dutta Chohan – Founder, Cape of Good Soap

How did you come up with the name?

The very first feedback on sampling the soaps was that they looked as good as edible, like pastries straight out of a cake shop. In fact, we planned to name it “Almost Edible” with the idea of the shop having a look of a patisserie.  

After giving it more thought, we realised that we wanted the name to be not just playful, but more meaningful with the element of quirk added to it.

Rounds of deliberation and brainstorming later, we came up with the name of “Cape of Good Soap” which is inspired by “Cape of Good Hope”. As we know Cape of Good Hope is a beacon of hope and positivity for the sailors who are nearing home. Likewise, Cape of Good Soap encompasses the goodness of nature and the power of positivity all under one name. The name is quirky but not frivolous. It has a zing to it and that’s what we wanted.


Manissha conducting a soap making workshop.

Which are your best selling soaps?  

Our watermelon soap, Clay with musk, Slice of Ocean Life, and Wild Rose are doing exceptionally well. Another one of our soaps, Teas Please, a mix of assorted teas, is also quite popular in the army circuit, with its camouflage look that seems inspired by the army combat uniform.

What were you doing before you started Cape of Good Soap?

I was a media professional and headed the creative department at one of the top media agencies in our country for the last one and a half decade before moving on to focus my energies on my own ideas and ventures – this happened a year back.

What would you be doing if you weren’t doing this?

I would have a shop called “Re imagine” in which I would have common everyday things re-imagined into something else. Like a branch of a tree as a lamp or piano keys as the doorbell.

What kind of people do you create your products for? 

We have a very niche clientele. They are not afraid to experiment, are worldly aware, open to suggestions, and conscious of as much of their own well being as of the nature. These are the kind of people and mindsets that are drawn to Cape of Good Soap.

What are the challenges you face in connection with achieving your goals? 

Striking a balance between crafting soaps in quantities large enough to fuel growth, while trying to do something different and unique with every product we make is the challenge we grapple with day in and day out.

Where do you see Cape of Good Soap three years from now?

Given the right circumstances, support, and good wishes, Cape of Good Soap sees itself as a global brand and a household name with soap studios in every big city in India and a few around the world.

Finally, which soap do you use?  

I am in love with two new soaps that I am alternating-currently. I have introduced them recently – Karma Blend and Mornings with Moringa.

Moringa is something I am overall in awe of. I start my day drinking a glass of moringa in water and use it further in my herbal blends too.

Visit the Cape of Good Soap Shop on Engrave.

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