Meet the Maker: Divvya Malaviya – Missa Bella

We chat with Divvya, founder of Missa Bella, a brand that offers fun artisan alternative to your mundane bath and body products.

Missa Bella is a fun artisan alternative to your mundane bath and body products. It is based out of Mumbai, India and the brainchild of Divvya M. Let’s meet her and get to know Missa Bella better. Welcome.

What were you doing before you started doing this?

I was a student, studying MSc. Biotechnology, soon after my post-graduation Missa Bella was founded.

Why did you choose to do what you do?

I fell in love with the art of making mani bombs and soaps, most of the skin care products I see look boring, we strive to make you happy not only when you buy our products but also when you use our products by giving them a fun artistic touch with amazing fragrance & skin nourishing properties. I get the liberty to create whatever I want and I love that creative flexibility, both mani bombs and soaps you purchase from us are not less than a piece of art!

We are fascinated by names. What’s the story behind your brand name?

Missa Bella means for many beautiful people. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and we believe everyone is beautiful and we would love to spread the message to all beautiful people (both male and female) out there.

Which are your best selling products?

Our best selling products in mani bombs are Rose and Aqua and in soaps are all 3 – Sunrise, Cherry Blossom and Plain Jane handcrafted soaps.

What kind of people do you create your products for?

For anyone who wants to experience something new, something different, something more fun than your usual skincare items.

What are the challenges you face in connection with achieving your goals?

Many people do not know about mani bombs or bath bombs and our main focus is mani bombs, so it gets difficult at times for us to inform people what mani bombs/bath bombs are and why should they try it. People usually prefer commercially produced regular products over handmade (mostly because of the pricing) and it gets hard to explain the difference handmade products bring. Also, I do not have a strong foundation of commerce as my education is in science, so it takes time to understand certain concepts and bring them to practical use.

Where do you see your brand three years from now?

We hope to be a well-known brand all over India, bringing in amazing artisan products and change the way people look at bath and body products. Once we reach a certain point, we would love to collaborate with certain NGO’s.

What would you be doing if you weren’t doing this?

I don’t think I can see myself doing a monotonous job, so maybe baking. I have always loved creating things for friends and family and baking is a second close to soap making, in fact, I used to bake before making soaps and mani bombs.

Visit the Missa Bella Shop on Engrave.

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