Meet the Makers and their Mothers

This Mother's Day we asked some of our Makers how they felt about their mothers? The responses were inspiring. Perhaps they will resonate with you as well.

Mother’s Day is here. So we asked some of our Makers how they felt about their mothers? What role their mother’s played? The ways in which they encouraged our Makers. And the like. The responses were heartfelt, fascinating, touching, and inspiring. We invite you to read them. Perhaps you will be inspired as well. Welcome.

Maker Tripti Parik and her Mother Kumkum Joshi

Brand Name – Danta Herbs

Having a mother is perhaps the most treasured gift from God. Now a mother myself, I have come to really be truly grateful for my mother’s presence in my life and how she has been so pivotal in my growth so far.

My journey into tea is largely inspired by her. My mother loved her cup of chai every morning. It was as though, without that cup of tea, she could not begin her day. This was before she was diagnosed with a heart condition and had to undergo surgery. She was asked to reduce her liquid/water intake and also reduce her consumption of chai tea, and add healthy teas like white tea and green tea in place.

Up until then, I didn’t know how white tea was so beneficial for health and more so for my mother. What began then as research for my mother’s wellbeing later translated into my passion  Now, having found a home in the foothills of Darjeeling was nothing short of a perfect unfolding of events that prepared the way for where I am today.


Maker – Tripti Parik (right) her Mother – Kumkum Joshi (left)


 Maker Yashica V Tiwari and her Mother Urmil Tiwari.

Brand Name – Yashasvi Organics

My mother has always encouraged homemade remedies for our skin and hair. When I grew up I started experimenting with brands and ended up spoiling my skin. That’s when it clicked to start making products from our kitchen ingredients. My mother belongs to the hills and is aware of plants and herbs and how they can benefit. A lot of our products include those too.

Maker – Yashica V Tiwari Her Mother – Urmil Tiwari


Maker Ruchi Batra and her Mother Saroj Wadhwa

Brand Name – Hitchki

My Creative strike(s) – When I was a little girl, I did much more than scribble. I could copy the pictures. I could draw designs. All my school note books had interesting back covers. I was the older one so there was nobody to emulate…well if I think deeper there Mom. She used to stitch clothes for us and neighbors .. I remember her keeping design books from other countries and making beautiful designs for us that everyone would envy. She could turn a piece of random cloth into something beautiful with such precision and neatness. I carried that on .. replacing the thread, needles with wooden blocks, tree barks, random material that looks trash to some but my eyes start to picture a beautiful center piece. There is art in everything. Patience, grit, and ability to see beyond is what makes you and your work stand out. This I learned from my mother.


Maker – Ruchi Batra

Maker’s Mother – Saroj Wadhwa


Maker Jasmin Abbott and her Mother Harmit Bedi

Brand Name – Innovationz

Innovationz started around 5 years back. My basics in Art were strong, thanks to my Mom who let me do all kind of courses I wanted to in Art when I was in school and college. Didn’t know it would help me later in life.

I didn’t really know what was in trend in the market when I got back to Art after being away for a long time. It wasn’t easy to come back. So my mom and I decided to do some research online. As I had a lot of additional household responsibilities, my mom helped me with all she could and gradually I entered into designing and customizing nameplates.

My Mom is so proud of me today. She loves reading the appreciative comments I receive from my clients. And I feel really lucky to have her by my side. I am truly blessed to have a mother like her. She is my lucky charm.

To tell you the truth it’s just blessings and support of my family esp my Mom, love of my kids. Last but not least, it’s all down to Waheguruji’s blessings.


Maker – Jasmin Abbott (right)Her Mother – Harmit Bedi(left)


Maker Sneh Pagrani and her Mother – Meena Bharatia 

Brand Name –  Clay Essentials

My mother and I are really close. Close like friends. We shop together! Go out on meal dates! Watch movies together! And while we are at it… we share jokes and laugh and laugh till we start getting looks from ppl around us.

My mom is very beautiful. She loves dressing up and looks elegant all the time! She always stresses on using natural self and skin care. Things like applying orange peel on the face to cleanse it. Using eucalyptus for headaches. And the like. In fact, she has been using rose oil as perfume ever since I was a child. She says “true beauty is self love.” I grew up with these values. I like stuff that is made organically. I adore nature.

All our essential oils are extracted from carefully picked plant materials like flowers  and leaves from different regions and farms. These oils are precious and pure. They come in amber glass bottles with a dropper wrapped in copper, which is then kept in a box. When you hold one, you know you have been gifted some aromatherapy! The brand Clay Essentials is the blend of our personalities and passioins. I couldn’t have done it without my mother.  

Maker – Sneh Pagrani (left)
Her Mother – Meena Bharatia (right)

Maker Dimple Pandhi and Her Mother Jaibala Mehta

Brand Name – Dsignz

“I am a strong woman because a strong woman raised me”.

I recognise and appreciate my mother’s immense contribution to my success. It was from the time when I was child where she recognised my skill towards art and found all the possibilities for me to grow in that, pushing me to participate in all activities, competitions, and the like.

Though she was not an artist, she could understand my passion so well that she never pushed me too hard for academics scores. She allowed me to pursue what I love. She has never been gender biased. My brother and I have been raised as equals.

Her perseverance to see me evolve into an independent individual is commendable. All the family members had expectations that I should be a graduate, doctor or have some strong academic degree. But my mother was the one who stood by me as my moral support in my academic and professional pursuits.

I have seen her struggles. And her triumph. This has made me believe nothing is impossible, despite the odds being stacked against you. My mother stands tall with the utmost pride and dignity. She has raised me with confidence. And to be confident. She has allowed me the freedom to fail. And helped me develop the ability to bounce back and keep going.

She believes in me. She is certain that my hard work and passion will bring me success. She taught me never to chase money. Rather, chase a passion she says, and the rest will follow.

In my entrepreneurial journey, through ups and downs, she has stood by me – emotionally, mentally, and financially – like a rock. She is the one who inspires me to make create a venture that empowers other women. All this has driven me to become an independent achiever.

Brand Dsignz wouldn’t have been existed without her by my side. I would like to express my deepest gratitude for my mother’s unconditional love, care, and support for Dsignz.

Maker – Dimple Pandhi (left) Her Mother -Jaibala Mehta (right)

Happy Mothers Day to all mother from Engrave!

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