Mother’s Day Special: Meet 3 Supermoms Who Are An Inspiration To Us All

A shout out to the awe-inspiring superwomen who raise both business and babies, effortlessly.

Mothers — aka the superheroes living all around us, amidst us, hidden in plain sight. Being a mother is one of the hardest jobs in the world, and as most would agree, is a full-time commitment in itself. Being a working mother, however, is difficult to another degree, because much like superheroes, they tend to lead dual lives, often splitting their time between being devoted to their families and being driven by their careers.

While there are scores of inspiring tales of such mothers all around us, we were privileged enough to unearth three of them so close to home. So, this Mother’s Day, we hear from Pragati Lakra, Shivani Chakravarty, and Saumya Agarwal — three women who’re not just successful entrepreneurs, but doting mothers too.

Pragati Lakra, Woods And Petals Herbals

Pragati and her husband had been part of the corporate world for about 15 years. But after the birth of her child, she found her calling, and quit the rat race to follow her passion. And it was thus, that Woods And Petals Herbals, a brand inspired by mother nature herself and Ayurveda was born.

Pragati, founder of Woods And Petals Herbals, with her daughter Sheena

Pragati, founder of Woods And Petals Herbals, with her daughter Sheena

“God has been kind to bless me with a daughter, because as a mother, the energy and vitality of a young child is infectious,” says Pragati. “She is my strength, and it’s the look in her eyes that encourages me to do my bit for the empowerment of the underprivileged through my brand. It’s a great feeling to know that my daughter is proud of the fact that her mother is doing her bit for the society.”

Growing up, Pragati’s dad was in the Army. This meant that not only was she was fortunate enough to travel extensively across the country, but she did so with a mother who was also a working woman. “I’ve seen my mother managed her family and her career with utmost ease — so I simply followed her path, and have never really found it to be a challenging task,” she says. “In fact, one could argue that in bringing my daughter up, I matured tremendously as a human being too. Running the household along with a small child and a corporate job made me a skilled at multitasking — and that’s a trait I cherish immensely!”

Pragati also adds that there’s a feeling of self-worth that comes along with following your passion or contributing to the family income — and that’s the value she wants to inculcate in her daughter as well. “The feeling of self-worth brings in satisfaction — and satisfaction, in turn, creates a happy woman. And if you ask me, a happy woman is indeed the brightest part in the family!”

Shivani Chakravarty, Exalté

“When a child is born, a mother is born too. There’s a hidden side to you that you discover only after your kids are born. It’s unique to mothers, and it’s beautiful.”

Shivani, founder of Exalte Tea, with her daughter

Shivani, founder of Exalte Tea, with her daughter Tanisha

The owner of EXALTÉ TEA, a luxury tea brand, Shivani has been blessed with two beautiful children. “Life certainly changes — significantly so — after having kids,” says Shivani. “It’s the little things that make the difference at the end of the day. Their smiles light up your days. The spontaneous hugs and kisses just melt your heart away. These are the simple, innocent pleasures of life — perhaps, one of my inspirations behind starting the brand in the first place!”

Being a mother isn’t easy, though, and the hardest part about being a working mother is that your plate is always full, and you simply need to get a lot done every single day. “As a mother, making your kids smile, tucking them at night, witnessing their success and doing it all together with my husband gives me the biggest high,” she says. “However, there’s a business to run too — so our customers’ satisfaction and words of appreciation and believing in our brand and what it stands for is what keeps us going as well. Being a working mother and running a business is similar, one could say. At the end of the day, both need time, patience and nurturing!”

Determined, motivated, and inspiring, Shivani has only one parenting advice to give to all the working mothers. “Just believe in yourself and never say never. Women are strong and determined and remember, nothing is impossible. The love and support from your family, especially your kids, will help you achieve your goals and dreams.”

Saumya Agarwal, Klay Kriti

As a brand, Klay Kriti creates customised gifting options for its clients. Being immensely talented, Saumya not only single-handedly conceptualises, designs, and creates for the brand, but goes back home to a family of three to play the role of a glue that holds them together as well!

Saumya, founder of Klay Kriti, with her daughter Naavya

Saumya, founder of Klay Kriti, with her daughter Naavya

“For me, my daughter was a blessing to me,” she reminisces. “I used to work as an HR manager for an IT company. However, after the birth of my daughter six years ago, I decided to quit my job. What I realised quickly after, however, is that it presented me with an opportunity to explore and rediscover myself. And thus, I started dabbling with various creative art forms, only to learn that my passion is claying!”

Having a baby does bring a big change in your life, she says, where initially everything including yourself takes a back seat for a while and your child becomes the centre of your life. However, being a mother is a full-time job by itself — so does one manage the busy schedule when entrepreneurship is thrown into the mix? “Well, having an understanding life partner and a loving kid makes it all easy and worth the hassle!” she quips. “Sure, I’m always pressed for time, but I’m pursuing what I love with the support of my family — so at the end of the day, it’s a fun and happy experience.”

Fun and happy it might be, but it can be quite challenging as well. “The hardest part about being a working mom, without a doubt, is the constant self-evaluation, as well the thoughts that inevitably enough cross your mind. Am I spending enough time with her? Am I giving my best to her? Is she truly happy? So self-judgement as a mother is the toughest part,” she says. “However, when my little one appreciates my work and gives me her honest feedback, it makes it all worthwhile. And it’s not always appreciation, too — she’s the most honest critic of my work, and often finds faults that help improve my work!”

So, since she has mastered the dual role, what advice does she have for aspiring mother? “Just believe in yourself. It’s imperative to find your passion and follow your dreams, because when your kids are there to witness you struggle, overcome the odds, and win at life, you’re setting a great example for them!”

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