Meet the Maker: Nalin Singh Soni & Ravi Verma – The Nandi Artistry

The Nandi Artistry crafts handmade products that decorate and rejuvenate living and working spaces. They experiment with new colour combinations and designs that add a touch of creativity to your world.

Located in Noida (Uttar Pradesh), The Nandi Artistry crafts handmade products that decorate and rejuvenate living and working spaces. They experiment with new colour combinations and designs that add a touch of creativity to your world. Their unique offering is built around the art of introducing fine and clean work that adds colour and class to life.  In a nutshell, the core idea that drives them is – You imagine we create.

The Nandi Artistry is Nalin Singh Soni – Creator and Innovator and Ravi Verma, who handles public & office interface, and logistics. Let’s get to know The Nandi Artistry better.

What’s the story behind the name?

My younger siblings (Shefali and Aryman) call me Nandi. When I was thinking about starting my own artistry firm, they and my husband (Ravi) supported and motivated me a lot. So when it came to the name, I decided to let them be a part of it by taking inspiration from what my nearest and dearest ones call me. Thus was born The Nandi Artistry.

Why did you choose to do what you do?

To be an artist was always my dream. Since childhood, colours fascinated me.  Playing with them makes me feels more alive and energetic. Art helps me to express feeling and thoughts about how I see world. These are the reasons that brought me to where I stand today.

What were you doing before you started doing this?

I was an HR Consultant for about a year. But my thinking is grounded in the view that whatever you do, you must work at it with all your heart. As an HR Consultant, I always felt something was missing from my life. I didn’t find peace in my job. During this time, I was encouraged by the positive response my art was bringing in. This motivated me to start The Nandi Artistry.

Which are your best selling products?

Love Birds – Wall hanging (set of 3):
Lovebirds is a three-piece painting designed to be showcased in a living room or a similar space. It’s a work of knife painting with bold colours and depicts a beautiful sunrise with love birds. It’s our best selling product.  

Ganesh Decorative Name Plate:
The Ganesha nameplate comprises a different combination of colours with elegant textures. It is cute, bubbly, welcoming, and designed to bring happiness and prosperity into the home it graces.

Blue Ocean decorative name plate:
Blue ocean nameplate will add a touch of class and art to the first impression you send out at your doorstep. It also makes for an eye-catching home warming gift.

Tribal Folk – Wall Hanging:
A very unique piece of art in which we use clay on canvas to give it a 3D look. Tribal folk is a canvas mural that artistically depicts tribal living.

What kind of people do you create your products for?

Our creations are handcrafted for folks who love and understand the value of handmade creations and wish to enhance their lives with art that speaks the language of good taste.

What are the challenges you face in connection with achieving your goals?

It was difficult to find a like-minded person who would help us provide a platform to showcase our art.

It is challenging to fulfil the numerous and constantly changing government norms that are laid down to start a business.

It is daunting to deal with the financial shortfalls and uncertainties that come from leaving a cushy (albeit unsatisfying) job and following ones passion with only a small amount of savings to fall back on during hard times.  

It is demanding to set up an office in a city and be able to afford a place of work in a safe and well-appointed area. So I chose to make my own room my office.

Despite these exigencies, The Nandi Artistry has made me incredibly happy.

Where do you see your brand three years from now?

Recently got the opportunity to showcase my art work ‘Extinction of Kathakali’ at the ‘Kabir Art Exhibition’ at Artizen Art Gallery, Peareylal Bhawan, New Delhi. For this I was awarded a participation certificate by chief guest, the honourable sports and youth affair minister Mr Vijay Goel. This was immensely satisfying.  

Looking ahead, we want to reach to more art lovers and establish The Nandi Artistry as a trusted brand of handcrafted art, with the help of valued partners like Engrave – The Maker’s Market.

What would you be doing if you weren’t doing this?

Honestly, I can’t imagine myself doing something else. Still, if push comes to shove, the only other line of work I see myself doing is Interior design.

Visit The Nandi Artistry shop on Engrave.

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