Neckwear That Turns Heads

Great neckwear turns heads for the right reasons. Now, turn heads for all the right reasons with these handmade necklaces by the Makers at Engrave.

Great neckwear turns heads for the right reasons. To accessorise in style, turn to these necklaces from Engrave. Turn heads for all the right reasons with a little help from our dextrous and imaginative Makers.      

TOUCHED  BY TERRACOTTA: The beauty and utility of terracotta as a material is that it lends itself generously to many arts and crafts. Jewellery is one of them. Discover the joy that emerges when terracotta meets jewellery with this stunning and other handsome offerings by Bona Dea.


NAME WEAR: Name wear comes in many shapes, forms, and styles. This, for instance, by Nijeekrt is an elegant avatar of it. And it certainly makes for a sleek addition to your glittering store of fashion accessories. Get to know it better.


RIGHT ANGLES: The right adventures can prove to be most thrilling and memorable. This we know. But did you know that you can embark on fashion adventures too? This strikingly asymmetrical necklace in brass and right angles by Mitali Jain is a shining example of what we mean.


FLOWERY LANGUAGE: When it comes to necklaces, flowery language (when done well) is quite welcome. The Radiant Diurnal Necklace by myBageecha is a most apt and beautiful showcase of the allure that is born when flowery language is married with care and creativity to neck jewellery.


GET SET AND GO: When you arrive at the perfect match between the clothes you are wearing and the jewellery you wish to match it to, the world quickly becomes an infinitely better place. This set of ear-wear and neckwear by Sitara Jewels is a lustrous attempt to make this world an infinitely better place – at least when it comes to jewellery accessories.

GO GREEN: There are many ways to go green. The Green with Yellow Dori Neckset by Dsignstudio is one trendy take in this direction. What’s more, the green in the neckset is infused with oxidized silver spaces and colourful beads to draw many appreciative glances and make others go green!

JEWELLERY SUTRA: For Hindus, the mangal sutra is a sacred piece of jewellery art and tradition. No matter in what form it is worn, it is treasured. Sitara Jewels takes these precious feelings and enhances them with skilled design and a unique choice of materials. Discover a different, deeper side of traditional neckwear. 


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