Meet the maker: Neesshi Oza and Karishma Shah – Decography

Driven by an all-woman team of creative minds, Decography is on a mission is to blaze new trails in the field of décor-graphy. Allow us to introduce their world to you in greater detail.

Decography, as the name suggests, is all about exploring the geography of décor under one roof for people who are looking to welcome a breath of fresh air into their homes. Conceptualised over a cup of coffee on June 14, 2013, Decography launched their line of ideas on September 26, 2013. Initially, they began with tableware, before moving into Mood Frames, Peek-a-boo Frames, Magnet Boards, and more.

In a nutshell, Decography’s products are bold, bright ideas designed to add colour, happiness, and utility to people’s lives. Driven by an all-woman team of creative minds, their mission is to blaze new trails in the field of décor-graphy. Allow us to introduce their world to you in greater detail. Welcome.

Team Decography: Neesshi Oza and Karishma Shah

Learning Decography

To begin with, Decography didn’t learn to do what they do from any formal sources. The school of life has taught them the skills needed to do create and recreate their world. They are driven by instincts and a keen eye for the lessons that living a full life day in and day exposes them to. In addition, the various artists and artisans that handcraft products for Decography at their own premises and around the city of Mumbai introduces them to worlds they can learn even more from. Put simply, everyone at Decography is an instinctive learner and original thinker, which is not something formal education is equipped to impart.

Inspiring Decography

Speaking of learning, Decography also draws inspiration from travel, stimulating conversations, evocative colours, and good coffee. Most of their products are conceived by melding various disparate concepts and infusing them with simplicity and good craftsmanship. While there isn’t a particular brand or artist they follow scrupulously, they are deeply motivated by every mind – national and international – that takes the trouble to create unique things by hand.

Challenging Decography

At Decography, the challenge is to constantly make something different from what is available in the market. Most of their products are concepts first. The pursuit of excellence at Decography is not about competing with others. Rather, the attempt is always to create a market.

Take, for instance, the Decography Serving Slates, which are re-imagined versions of the breakfast-in-bed tray, with a ‘write and erase’ medium that adds a dimension of personalised messaging to the whole experience. The aforementioned is just one example of the kind of product differentiation challenges Decography takes on in the drive to redefine the landscape of personalised décor. If this sounds interesting, we urge you to explore the idea of Decography breaking boundaries here.

Decography ahead

At the time of writing, Decography has just completed 3 eventful years of existence. More importantly, they are well on their way to do even more in the wide and wildly expanding world of Magnet Boards, Doodle Frames, Magnet+Doodle frames, Hang-Ems, and other bright décor ideas the world hasn’t so far seen. There are miles to go and new trails to blaze before they even think of sleep. In other words, when it comes to Decography, the smart thing to do is watch this space.

Visit the Decography Shop on Engrave.

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