Meet the maker: Nilanjan Chakravarty – Art by Nilanjan

Meet Nilanajan, a self-taught charcoal artist who creates beautiful works of art taking inspiration from the world as it plays out in front of him. We talk to him to learn about his journey, challenges, inspirations, and dreams.

Every week, we take the time to chat with one of our makers and introduce them to you. This week, it’s Nilanjan’s turn.

Nilanjan is a self taught independent artist and an art enthusiast. After a stint of seven years in corporate world, primarily in the financial services industry, he realized that his true calling is in making art. And that is when he turned into a full time artist.

Nilanjan Chakravarty – The man behind the art

“The artist in me was always there right from the age of 10. However I turned this into a full time career from August 2016.”- Nilanjan

Nilanjan’s studio is located in Sector 120, Noida, UP. His media is mostly charcoal and graphite. That said, he also works with acrylic and water colour. Each piece he creates is special and unique. While creating art, Nilanjan’s primary goal is to ensure that the imagery has an intimate conversation with its audience. His Art by Nilanjan favourites are Reflection, Cityscape, Holy Communion and Patangbaaz.

Nilanjan, a picture of focus and precision

“My art work has evolved over the years and will continue to do so in time to come. Keeping that in mind, I have not given any brand name, as that might possibly create boundaries in my creation in a bid to keep up with the philosophy behind the brand” – Nilanjan simply calls his work “Art by Nilanjan”

Creativity runs in Nilanjan’s blood. Many of his relatives are either in performing arts or in similar fields. His early influences from family and life as it unfolds in front of him are the two biggest contributors towards his skill. In addition, there was a brief stint of schooling that he did from Dunraven School in London (3 years), where his art and graphics teacher had a profound impact on him and helped him learn a lot many techniques such as etching, one point perspective drawing and sculpting.

“I am greatly inspired by two major art styles, viz. Gothic and Art Nouveau. I am fascinated by the works produced by the Shantiniketan School of Art.” – Nilanjan

Nilanjan believes, as an artist, being in the right frame of mind is extremely important. Everyday life often seems to cloud your thinking and create noise which gets in the way of making good work. To counter this, Nilanjan’s studio plays a very important role. It’s where he finds solitude.

“I would like to see myself as a better artist with expertise in more and more mediums. I would like to create a certain sense of awareness with regards to arts and aesthetics in everyone’s life. I aim to achieve that by bringing art appreciation to the masses and not just the elite few. Of course, a few of my artworks getting auctioned in a Sotheby or Christies would be nice.”

Nilanjan also intends to create an art incubation center where artists from across the globe can gather, discuss, and create more evolved forms of art.

Tête-à-tête with Nilanjan

1. What was that breaking point or incident in your life that made you want to quit your job and pick up art?

There was never any one moment when leaving my job suddenly became the right thing to do. The passion to create art was always there, and this decision was two years in the making.

2. What was your biggest challenge when you started, and how did you overcome it?

The challenges were manifold. Finding my creative purpose was amongst the first one. Why do I paint what I paint is a question that possibly haunts every artist and seeking this answer is a lifelong pursuit.

3. What’s your best advice for makers/hobbyists who want to quit their day jobs?

I think it is all about finding out that voice inside you and figure out whether that voice is loud enough to drown out all the other voices that urge you to maintain status quo. This is the age of entrepreneurship and there can be no better time to start something of your own. Just remember, it is never too early neither is it ever too late.

4. A lot of folks in our audience would love to know if you take up commissioned work. Is that something you would consider?

I do take up commissioned work and I would be very much interested in accepting such projects.

5. What’s your favourite part of working for yourself?

The objective behind starting my creative enterprise will never be as transactional as making art and selling it. My art work has a unifying theme of exploration… a notion wherein my audience can seek what is beyond the apparent. Hence, most of the imagery I create is never abstract however they carry a subtle emotion or a message, which my audience strives to decipher. This exploration can only happen if one is ready to seek beyond the apparent and it is this spirit that I want to give to my audience. The best part of working for myself is to be able to create such inquisitiveness in people.

We look forward to being an integral part of Art by Nilanjan’s journey and are committed to doing everything we can to help him get to his destination. Way to go, Nilanjan. We’re with you.

Visit the Art by Nilanjan Studio on Engrave.

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