Meet the Maker: Nishka Mehta – Art Beat

Art Beat is an online store that sells hand painted creations. Founded and managed by Nishka Mehta, it explores the freedom and joy of expressing the utility of emotions through art.

Welcome to a closer look at another very personal maker in our stable, Nishka Mehta’s Art Beat. Nishka creates, infuses, and elevates utility objects with hand-painted imagination. In the process, Art Beat looks to explore the freedom and joy of expressing the colours and stories of emotions through art.

It all began towards the end of the time Nishka was completing a Bachelors in Business Management. She had not been placed into any company and was wondering what to do next. That’s when she decided to pursue her dreams of painting and exploring a way to sell her work at exhibitions and other avenues. Happily for Nishka, she hasn’t had to look back.

Art Beat’s most popular offerings are The Polaroid photo frames, Dog boxes, and the wooden slabs! In fact – and this will come as a source of immense encouragement to first time artists, Art Beat sold over 300 pieces of our very first product – the Mini frames.

Is Art Beat all Nishka? Not really. Yes, for starters, Art Beat is, indeed, Nishka. That said, her mother is the one who tries to make sure Nishka is thinking positive and staying true to the things she likes doing. Furthermore, Nishka’s sister and closest friends are her most constructive critics. Together, they all keep Art Beat ticking.

Nishka believes Art Beat is for everyone. When she began this journey, Nishka was looking to grow and popularize just art. Over time, she has helped it evolve into utility products touched by art and customized to cater to individual sensibilities while nurturing the craft of the handmade.

Speaking of challenges, Nishka believes it’s all about enhancing visibility, deepening reach, and finding the right audience. She hopes Art Beat will be able to overcome these hurdles and have a physical store, more wall murals, and art installations during the course of the next three years.

Visit the Art Beat Shop on Engrave.

Avinash Subramaniam

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