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Fashion is personal. So should be fashion accessories. If you’re looking to make a stunning impression, this blog on fashion accessories is fashioned for you.

Fashion is personal. So should be fashion accessories. If you’re looking to make a stunning impression, this blog on fashion accessories is…well, fashioned for you. From jewellery to cuff-links to lapel pins to more, here is where you’ll find a host of unique ways to add charm, grace, and style to your fashion quotient. Welcome.      


NAME BLING: Bling is a striking and contemporary way to make a statement. There are many kinds of bling. And this from The Bling Store is a gleaming example of bling that’s made just for you. Go distinct. Get personal.



FINGER-WEAR: Introduce yourself to this innovative piece of finger-wear by MakeWhale. No, fingerwear is not a kind of ring, but cufflinks created using your fingerprint. What’s more, it’s all done with 3D printing. So you, na? See you.


ART WITH HEART: Another creative trip into art and fashion brought to you by MakeWhale is this heart-shaped pendant created with 3D printing. To wear your heart near your heart, get hooked with this eye-catching beauty.  


LORD OF THE RING: Elegance personified is this customised Men’s Valentine Ring by LeCalla. And it’s made for men who are confident, stylish, and not afraid to sport a little jewellery that speaks without shouting. 


PINTASTIC: Still haven’t experienced the wonderful things that 3D printing can give? This customised lapel pin is a good place to begin the journey. And this smart, sharp offering is just one of many stylish creations MakeWhale has in store for you. Bon voyage! 

MONOGRAM: A monogram is all about you. It belongs to you. And you to it. And this pendant by MakeWhale is an eye-catching way to wear this feeling of being uniquely you. Introduce yourself to yourself.    

EARS TO YOU: Well-crafted ear-rings turn heads for all the right reasons. And these ear-rings are more than just well-crafted. They are also all about being you. Or even you plus your near and dear one. You name it. LeCalla will make sure you can wear it with flair. 

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