Pickled Delights To Spice Up Your Life

Dip into this carefully curated list of the choicest handmade, finger-licking good pickles that will leave your taste buds tingling this summer.

Pickles are vegetables or fruits pickled in a jar with vinegar, water, salt, sugar, and spices. These are then preserved for a while before they are ready for consumption. Pickling is one of the oldest methods of preserving foods. In the early days, when there was no refrigeration, people used to pickle a lot of their food for future consumption.

When we hear “Pickle,” we think ‘tangy’. For most of us, it’s difficult to complete a meal without these tangy, sweet and sometimes spicy, crunchy delights. Pickles act as a palate cleanser and are a natural digestive. The vinegar in pickles lifts flavors and preps your taste buds for the next bite.

DID YOU KNOW: Pickles are loaded with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. All of which helps control diabetes; keeps the liver in fine fettle and improves digestive functions.

And on that appetizing note, I invite you to dip into my list of the choicest handmade, finger-licking good pickles that will leave your taste buds tingling this summer.

GO GOA: Chicken lovers will want to try this pickle. It has the perfect balance of the best Goan flavors.

SPICE ROUTE: Spice-lovers will dig this handpicked and sun-dried pickle of red-hot chilies stuffed with masala.


Red Chilli Pickle by The Little Farm Co.

CHATPATA NIMBU: Made from sour lemon, this will entice your taste buds. It is a simple and traditional staple of most Indian families.

GUILT-FREE GARLIC: A traditional family recipe that will make your mouth water.


Garlic Pickle by Nutty Yogi

SWEET ‘N’ SOUR: If you crave the timeless combination of sweet and sour, this concoction of sliced green chilies dipped in the sweet and sour tamarind syrup is picked for you.


Sweet & Sour Green Chilly Pickle by AAMRA

KHATTI KERI: The name says it all. Filled with the joys of raw mango & delicately spiced masala, it makes for the perfect condiment for your snacks and meals.

So, are you ready to peck into some of your favourite pickles? Here’s where you’ll find what Engrave pickle jar has in store for you. Bon appétit!

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Edina Ferrao


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