Meet the maker: Priyanka Thukral – Happily For You

We sat down with Priyanka Thukral, the crafty genius behind the brand Happily For You to find out what she had to say about her journey as a maker.

We sat down with Priyanka Thukral, the crafty genius behind the brand Happily For You to find out what she had to say about her journey as a maker.

Priyanka Thukral, Happily For You

How and why did you start Happily for You

The idea of gifting handmade cards & making stuff with your own hands have intrigued & excited me since my very childhood and that’s when I started knitting my Crafty dreams. From imitating ready made greeting cards to making different and innovative handmade gifts for friends & family I was sure someday I am going to make this dream come true. When someone makes you in charge of their & their loved ones happiness and the smiles & appreciations that follow, trust me there is no bigger satisfaction than that. If I have to put it simply then, for the love of smiles and spreading happiness Happily For You started.

Accordival – Accordion Card – One of Priyanka’s innovative creations

What is the inspiration behind the designing ?

Being in a field as crafting the inspiration lies all around you, you just gotta have an eye for it.. 😛 A lot does matters on how and what your customer wants, but there is always this urge inside of you to do better than your last project, outperform yourself.. that constant battle of learning & trying I believe inspires a lot & brings that feeling of satisfaction always.

All the love and smiles that go get in abundance from the people you create stuff for. Those priceless reactions and feedbacks inspire me to do better at what I do.

Phoshionista – Phone Covers – Mobile covers embellished the candilicious way

How are the products made – from design to production, materials used, time required, customizations, etc.?

With all the kinds of products that I deal in everyone is different from each other. Everyone wishes to own/gift something unique & different … Customizations are required for almost everything that I make (even if its the same thing I’m making for the 3rd-4th time). It all begins with the what the client actually wants, take the proper brief/give all possible suggestions to the client so it is easy on the pocket too, material acquisition from different sources accordingly, and for the time part it really depends on what is being made. sometimes it may take a few hours and sometimes it may take about a week/10 days too.

Any particular thing you would like to talk about/any specific, special creation

All of them have been very close to my heart & are very special to me.. yes it does get difficult to part with them sometimes and give them away but thats how its supposed to be.. 😛 There is this thing with me everytime I complete a project/gift I always admire it for atleast 10-15 min and then would be roaming around the house with it to make sure everyone sees it (it may sound a little weird to people but that’s true… 😛 )

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Nimish Adani

I am the founder & CEO of Engrave. I started off in 2011 with a workshop that engraved photos for customers on to wooden plaques. Soon, we were making plaques, nameplates, canvas prints, decals and dozens of other products for thousands of customers. To help us make these items, we engaged a group of dedicated craftsmen. By 2015, 3 of our dedicated craftsmen had built their own workshops, employing between 6-10 people. By showcasing their skills on a digital platform, these craftsmen had turned into successful entrepreneurs. This success motivated me to transform Engrave in to a platform which could help thousands of Indian artisans and craftspersons - and this lead to the launch of the maker's market in 2015.


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