Light Matters: 11 Quirky Lamps That Will Light Up Your Life

If lamps are on the agenda and you possess an unconventional taste, here are eleven of our favourite quirky ones that we've handpicked for you.

Warm and welcoming, lamps do more than just lighting up a space. Pick the right lamp, and it can instantly transform your room into a much more snug, comfortable place. If lamps are on the agenda and you possess an unconventional taste, here are eleven of our favourite quirky ones that we’ve handpicked for you.

1. Past Master

The Indian Randhal from the inventive folks at Studio Dhi is for those who like a traditional blast from the past with a touch of modernity. Turn on the nostalgia.

2. Pipe Light

Desi jugaad that’s a cut above the rest and a dream to behold is this lamp. You definitely want to take a closer look at Pipe Dream by Desi Jugaad.

3. Cubism

Shady Ideas present a whole new way of looking at the good old Rubik’s cube. Check out Qubix for a creative look at the lighter side of life.

4. Foot Rules

Remember the wooden foot rulers from your school days? Yes, the same our teachers used to rule us with. How quaint and cool were they. Well, Desi Jugaad presents an even cooler way to look at and with them.

5. Cassette Classic

It’s been a while since good old cassettes have gone out of style and circulation. Well, here’s 10AM introducing you to a brand new way to look at them.

6. Pedal Glow

What comes to mind when we say a lamp with wheels? How about this vintage offering from The Crazy Me? Lighten up.

7. Crescent Cool

A crescent of nature’s bounty is this bright new offering from Kanhai. Put simply, it’s the sparkling way to add light to any space under the moon.

8. Jam Session

Poppadum Art presents a whole new way to jam with light. Come on in and discover the flavourful world of the Jam Lamp.

9. Crayonara

Rediscover the many colours of life brought to light with crayons in this inventive offering from the folks at Desi Jugaad.

10. Inner Circle

Salebrations presents the eco-friendly and organic way to the lighter side of life. See more in a way that makes for a better world.

11. Tree of Light

A branch of lighting that’s unique, rustic, and impossibly chic is this table lamp by Desi Jugaad.

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