These Lifelike 3D Figurines Will Blow Your Mind

Get a 3D version of yourself or your special ones, customized to the T and select from various avatars to awaken your inner superhero or just simply be yourself.

There are many ways to choose gifts and create enduring memories that make a lasting impression. Some – like 3D figurines unlike any other – are more unique than others. Handcrafted and custom designed to near perfection or 3D printed, here are 6 personalised 3D figurines that will blow your mind.


Transform your photographs into life-like miniature 3D versions of yourself. Or gift a miniature 3D version of your friends or your loved ones to them and see their jaws drop.

2. SUPER 3D:

Get a 3D custom-made figure of yourself in a Batman Avatar Bobblehead. Handcrafted by our expert artisans, you can trust us to capture virtually every aspect of your profile. It’s time to bring out the superhero in you or someone you else. Just give us a photograph and we’ll do the rest.


3D custom-made keychain of yourself or anyone else – all we need is a photograph and a few days. Handcrafted by expert artisans that capture every nuance and ensure this miniature 3D will make your eyes pop in wonder. Get linked.


CloneMe introduces you to a world of personalized anniversary or wedding mementos for yourself or the ones you care about. Freeze life’s precious moments with a lifelike figurine from CloneMe, the folks who make immortality a reality in 3D.


Genius. Billionaire. Playboy. Philanthropist. Ladies and gentlemen, did we just hear your hearthrob? CloneMe brings to you the greatest collection of customized superhero and cartoon character 3D miniature dolls and bobble heads to choose from. You’re welcome.


Can’t get enough of yourself? Then get a 3D custom made figure of yourself handcrafted by our expert artisans. Come on in and bring out the best in you with this custom made doll/figurine. Better still, gift it to your loved ones or friends and make them smile for years to come.

Check out the entire collection of personalised 3D figurines by our makers: CloneMeMy Cute MiniChizel Prints

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