Love Baking? Here Are Six Reasons Why You Must Use Cake Toppers

Cake toppers: you’ve seen them at weddings. They’re those picture-perfect figurines of man and wife standing atop the towering, seemingly delicious cake that make you stare at it longingly not just because it’s pretty but also because you’re hungry and can’t wait to stuff your mouth with it. Traditionally, icing has been used to great effect, and that’s all well and good, but toppers, which are so popular in the West, are slowly making heads turn in the Indian market too.

Whether you’re just a home baker or someone who bakes for a living, cake toppers should be of prime importance to you. Here’s why…

1. It looks neater than icing

Usually when you use icing to write a message on your cake, the ‘neatness’ depends upon a lot of variables: the colour of the icing, its thickness, and most importantly, the calligraphy skills of the person writing it. With cake toppers, all those variables go for a toss because they’re designed intricately to ensure your cake’s aesthetics are at par with its taste.

2. It’s reusable

Unlike candles that melt away and icing that is eaten, cake toppers are made from acrylic and if preserved you can easily use it not once, not twice, but multiple times, making it a brilliant one-time investment.

3. It’s cheap and cost-effective

Speaking of great investments, the fact that you can reuse cake toppers makes it cost-effective all right, but what’s noteworthy is that the investment itself is an affordable sum. In fact, Engrave’s range of cake toppers are priced at anywhere between Rs. 250 to Rs. 350, which is by no means an exorbitant amount.

4. It’s customisable

If you write ‘Happy Anniversary Aparna and Sudhir’ with your choicest icing on your cake, what are the odds of it being smudged by the time it gets to the table? The beauty of cake toppers is that you can avoid that by simply adding your own name to a Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary cake topper which does the job just fine — and if you take good care of it, it can be used year after year as well!

5. It offers varieties that make your cake prettier

As mentioned before, the icing on your cake can be smudged, but cake toppers do not damage your cake in any way. In fact, by adding an element of sophistication, they actually make your cake prettier and more presentable. Engrave has a massive variety of cake toppers that cater to every occasion, which includes birthdays (for both adults and children), engagements, bachelorettes, weddings, anniversaries, as well as regular ones that simply make your cake look more aesthetically appealing.

6. It doubles up as a souvenir

Whether it’s your 25th anniversary or your 50th birthday, there are certain memories that you’d want to preserve of your special day. So when you’re bitten by the nostalgic bug a few years on, the cake topper doubles up as a keepsake, helping you look back in reminiscence and revisit the special moments that you shared with your friends and family.

You can check out our range of cake toppers here.

Rameez Shaikh

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