Meet the Maker: Reshmi Chandrashekhar – Curiosity Kills The Cat

Meet Rashmi Chandrashekhar whose quirky art studio has a creative and unique take on the arty side of pop culture.

What’s in a name, you say? Well, how about what’s in Curiosity Kills The Cat (CKTC)? What a name for a brand; makes you curious, no? Well, let’s get right into it and get to know CKTC better.

What is CKTC? It’s a brand name. It’s an attitude. It’s art. It’s a studio. It’s a store. It’s Reshmi Chandrashekhar’s quirky, creative, and unique take on the arty side of pop culture.

In short, CKTC is a young, fun, experimental, adaptable, and quirky design studio and store with a cat hidden in every piece of art that emerges from its world. What? Come again? Welcome.

The CKTC logo is that of a fat cat hiding behind a big box, who’s little bum and tail jut out. It is this that’s tucked away somewhere in every piece of illustration and wall art that Reshmi creates.

On that introductory note, let’s get right into a short chat with Reshmi (and her cat) to get to know her (them?) better.

Many say being an artist is not easy. So why did you choose to do what you do?

What! No! Being an artist in today’s day isn’t too hard.. It’s a lot of fun (if you can be disciplined about it and treat It with as much respect as any office job) and it’s such a dynamic field to be in. I love the creative field. It gives me the flexibility to be a part of various industries.

What were you doing before you started CKTC?

I was in college (Architecture school). I’m an architect by profession and that’s where most of my design sensibility comes from.


Actress Sonam Kapoor with the Coldplay Typo – Sunboard

Which are your best selling products?

Those where the cat is toughest to find! My best selling products would be the art prints, and books.

How many members make up CKTC?

Pretty sure I have made most of my family and friends stay up a lot of late nights to help with events and strategizing and innovating and packing and what not. So lots!

Nimrat Kaur Pulp Fiction

Actress Nimrat Kaur holding Pulp Fiction – Framed

What kind of people do you create your products for? 


What are the challenges you face in connection with achieving your goals? 

My undying love for Netflix, and sleep!

Monica Dogra 1

Musician Monica Dogra holding the Pink Floyd (Art) – Framed

Where do you see CKTC three years from now?

I see CKTC expanding in terms of products, and taking on multi-disciplinary design projects, from illustrations to walls to interiors.
I see CKTC (as a studio) collaborating and growing.

What would you be doing if you weren’t doing this?

This was my Plan B.

Visit the Curiosity Kills The Cat store on Engrave.

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