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When you encounter a name like Pyjama Party, you can’t help but want to know more about it. And so we did. We met Rithika, the young creator of Pyjama Party to find out what she had to say about it.

When you encounter a name like Pyjama Party, you can’t help but want to know more about it. And so we did. We met Rithika, the young creator of Pyjama Party to find out what she had to say about it. One thoroughly engaging chat later, we discovered she considers Pyjama Party to be a young, lively brand that was created primarily because she loves experimenting and painting for the joy that creative expression brings to her.

Rithika – focussed at work!

Well, as is often the case with things created for the love of creation, Pyjama Party’s growth has been organic and steady, and its products are now available not just in the nooks and crannies of India, but in homes across the seas as well. on that happy note, let’s get to know the story of Rithika and her baby a little better.

The beginnings of Pyjama Party

Starting her own line of art décor products was always at the back alleys of Rithika’s mind. Rithika says it almost caught her unawares when she realised the designs she painted for herself and close friends were being appreciated by a much larger audience.

What’s more, Rithika hails from a very talented family of artists where art, music and culture have almost been a constant feature of upbringing. It seems only natural that all of these influences, encouragement, and exposure to creative fields made Rithika want to start something creative on her own. Thus began the story of Pyjama Party.

The difference is Pyjama Party

One of the biggest differentiator between Pyjama Party and other similar brands lies in the uniqueness of Rithika’s designs. Rithika doesn’t believe in using stencils or other shortcuts to sell more products. Every design from the Pyjama Party portfolio is hand-drawn. As a result, no two products look alike. Furthermore, she believes the devil is in the detail and is most proud of the fact that all her designs are intricate, virtually impossible to replicate, and born out of years of practice.

Every design is hand drawn and painted.

The special joys of Pyjama Party

Rithika loves creating for customised orders and one of the coolest products she has so far worked on is a trinket box a young mother wanted to gift her young boy to collect and store his bric-a-brac. She wanted it to sport a sea dragon to signify the year he was born in and his name and his date of birth, all of which were artfully incorporated in the design.

Another very recent interesting project was a teapot gift for a very multi-faceted, talented fellow artist who is an arts and crafts teacher, practices yoga, and is also a talented writer. Furthermore, she included the fellow artist’s husband’s and son’s name in the design in order to amplify all the things that reflect her style and are close to her heart.

The finishing touches on a beautiful teapot.

There was also great joy to be had from working on art pieces for a unique Mexican restaurant, where Rithika was called upon to create a set of quirky, hand-painted bottles for their table décor and some unusual glasses using motifs inspired by the Day of the Dead Mexican sombreros and other Mexican-themed symbols. But that’s not all. “I’m still working on a colourful hand-painted guitar which will be used in the restaurant for guests who’d like to let their hair down and strum a tune while they wait for their order,” she adds with twinkle in her eye.

How it came to be called Pyjama Party

As the name so clearly suggest, Pyjama Party is a fun-brand. One look at its products will tell you that all of them are original, colourful, eclectic, and filled with a touch of whimsy. Keeping these inherent qualities in mind, Rithika felt the name Pyjama Party best reflected the values the products embodied and exuded. We can’t help by wholeheartedly agree.

The inspiration for Pyjama Party

Inspiration for the owner of this fun brand often comes from both artistic and non-artistic sources. Rithika says it could be something that catches her roving eye when she travels or a pattern or motif that appeals to her unique sense of style or even the lyrics of a song that evoke a certain feeling or simply something inspiring from a movie or performance she has been to. Most interestingly, Rithika also believes in the Japanese philosophy of ‘Wabi- Sabi’ – finding beauty in imperfection – and Pyjama Party’s print range and the way the products are shot are highly influenced by this path-breaking philosophy.

Going places with Pyjama Party

Ask Rithika about the kind of trip it has been with Pyjama Party and she says it has been a journey that can be best described as a roller coaster ride. It’s been a journey, she says, that has taught her tons about art, retail, and, most of all, herself. Furthermore, she’s feels blessed to have been extremely enriched by the experience of working with some delightfully creative minds in India and abroad.

As a parting thought, she adds that she is extremely optimistic about the future of Pyjama Party and plans to paint more for it, collaborate with more like-minded people to grow it, and experiment more with new styles, new markets, and new products to keep the party going. We wish her the best of luck and thank her for inviting us to her party. Bon Voyage, Rithika!

Visit the Pyjama Party Studio Shop on Engrave.

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