Meet the maker: Riya Bakliwal – Papeljam

Let’s meet the talented Riya Bakliwal of Papeljam, a brand that makes stationery and lifestyle products in loads of quirky designs that appeal to individualistic tastes.

At Engrave, we love to introduce you to our Makers. They bring a lot to what we have in store for you. We believe getting to know them is a large part of helping us build a better relationship with you. On that introductory note, let’s meet the talented, young, and extremely hardworking Riya Bakliwal of Papeljam, a brand and idea that was conceptualized early this year and came into being in June 2016.

Riya Bakliwal - Founder, Papeljam

Riya Bakliwal – Founder, Papeljam

Naming Papeljam

Speaking of beginnings, you might well wonder about the story behind the unusual name.
After loads of brainstorming and finding synonyms for various terms and putting together and un-together word combinations, Papeljam, the name, was born.

The word “Papel” means paper in Spanish and the term “Jam out”, casually speaking, means relaxing or chilling.

The USP of the brand is calming and relaxing hand-illustrated designs that are one of a kind. Thus the name “Papeljam”

Inside Riya Bakliwal’s Papeljam

Riya firmly believes in the Make in India movement and all Papeljam’s products are made from scratch in Mumbai.

She has different vendors and they all go through the entire process of sampling, changing, choosing, and final delivery of the products with the utmost attention to detail.

Apart from taking inspiration from nature and the beauty of life around her, Riya looks up to brands like Skinny Dip London, Kikki.k, and Gemma Correll, to name three. She hopes to infuse Papeljam with a similar level of art, vibrancy, fun, and creativity.

All Papeljam’s products are one of a kind and homemade, as her home is Riya’s workspace.

Papeljam is still very new and barely a few months old. There is no big team to speak of. It was founded by Riya at age 22. She designs and does almost everything with loads of assistance from her mother.

Riya has done her Bachelor in Management Studies and worked for a couple of years as a Marketing Executive before deciding to do more interesting things herself.

Her mother, Alka Bakliwal, helps Riya in all the work, from coordinating to packing to sampling to accounting to taking care of her.

In other words, this dynamic, hardworking, and passionate mother and daughter team is managing pretty much everything at young Papeljam.

Learning Papeljam

Like many great artists, Riya, too, is self-taught. Like many of our makers, she enjoys painting, working with her hands, and nurturing her imaginative side for a more beautiful world.

Even though Riya has not done a formal course in art or design, her passion drives her to constant learning and doing more than any formal degree can teach.

Riya’s love for stationery and art fuels the idea of Papeljam. Her knowledge of marketing helps her identify opportunities. And her drive to do more keeps the dream of Papeljam going and growing.

The Road ahead for Papeljam

The stationery market is very niche and specialised. To reach out to these targeted users is an immense challenge. That said, it’s also very exciting.

While there is a lot of competition to contend with, there is always the opportunity to be unusual and interesting by offering a wide variety of products quickly to customers who are always looking for something distinctive and eye-catching.

The stimulating nature of the market makes Riya want to turn Papeljam into a one-stop shop for stationery and lifestyle products that offers loads of quirky designs which appeal to individualistic tastes.

“I want to provide utility in every single product I offer. Also, I want to be available in boutique stores in International markets. And I hope to accomplish all this in the next few years.”

Way to go, Riya. We look forward to being an integral part of your creative journey and doing all we can to help Papeljam grow from strength to strength.

Checkout the Papeljam shop on Engrave.

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