Meet the Maker: Roma Butalia Suri and Rahul Dalal – Artisans Rose

Easy going, social and passionate, Roma, from Artisans Rose offers earthy, vintage, quirky and unique handmade home décor and furniture.

‘Paying an ode to the legacy of India’s varied artisans, their creations and the very Earth they enrich, Artisans Rose bridges the gap between aesthetically designed objets d’art and connoisseurs of art and travel.’ What does this mean?

“In this one line we appreciate the work of the artisans that work hard day on day to make beautiful creations and we make these available to the people who love these products,” says Roma, the heart of Artisans Rose.


Roma and Rahul – Founders, Artisans Rose

The name Artisans Rose is inspired by “Desert Rose ice cream” – Roma and a few friends were in the middle of an animated conversation on Artisans Rose over lunch at one of their favourite restaurants, when they were offered handmade desert rose ice cream; it was called desert rose ice cream, as it was handmade in the desert! That hit upon a great name idea and thus was born the name “Artisans Rose”, which means handmade décor/furniture from the artisans (artists).

Living and working out of the princely city of Jodhpur in Rajasthan, Roma spoke to us length about her passion, her dreams, the challenges she faced, the team she works with, and on the other things that make Artisans Rose a proud maker at Engrave. Let’s meet her.

Five favourite pieces and what inspired them?

1. “Beach Auto” – An Auto is such an integral part of everyone’s life in India – we created one in a colourful and vintage finish to give it a fresh twist whilst maintaining its original charm.

2. “Sun is shining Iron Pots” – We created these for a 5 star hotel that wanted a desert theme in their outdoor courtyard – these fit perfectly with long dried branches of desert trees.

3. “Click wooden cameras” set of 3 – Who doesn’t like photography these days? With the advent of mobile phones everyone is turning into photographer and the use of cameras is reducing. So, here is a tribute to the cameras that we have known!

4. “Suit-boot Armoire” – This was created for a special client who had a tough time organizing his formal suits/ties/cluff-links/shoes for daily office wear – he wanted a cupboard big enough for all his suits and in such a way that it is easily accessible to him too. This was fun to create as we made it in the right size for tall length suits to fit on hangers, made space for ties in square blocks and shoes at the bottom standing vertical and shutter style doors to ensure ventilation.

5. “Floral phenomenon” mirror frame with mirror – This iron mirror frame has pretty flowers around and gives it a warm look, we kept it vintage white so it subtly fits any home. Through this mirror, we showcase the intricate work of our artisans.

The 10-word challenge

So then we asked Roma to describe herself in 10 words or less. How did she do?

“Easy going, social, passionate, loves nature and likes to travel and explore.” – Roma, Artisans Rose

Well, that’s 12 words, but the two ands don’t really count. So, in a sense, it’s all good.

Memories of childhood

Most of us look back on our childhood fondly. We asked Roma what she remembers most about her childhood. Succinct as ever, all she had to say was “Long hours of outdoor play!” What fun, we say.

When did you think you were creative?

Roma: Creative is nothing but an inspiration to do something different or new, everyone is creative in their own unique way and I still haven’t explored my creativity to the fullest!

What kind of people do you create your products for?

“Connoisseurs of art and travel” – basically people who love and appreciate earthy, vintage, quirky and unique products. Put differently, we’re made for the Think-out-of-the-box kinds!

Team Artisan Rose

Made up of 10 members, of which 3 are more active than the others.
Rahul Dalal is the Co-founder and Director. Rahul handles all aspects of manufacturing.
Kesharam is in charge of warehousing and order fulfilment.
And Roma, Co-founder and Director, who handles social media/online presence on Artisans Rose’s website and other websites, and all communication with Artisans Rose.

What are the challenges you face in connection with achieving your goals and where do you see yourself three years from now?

One of the biggest challenges Artisans Rose faces is skilled labour – getting the right manpower for the right job. This also means meeting deadlines can be…well, challenging. The other hurdles are photography and cost of marketing. Roma is confident that they will get a handle on these matters and that a few years down the line Artisans Rose will be a successful maker of customised décor and furniture that supplies to restaurants/cafes/hotels and online marketplaces like Engrave.

The last word

Finally, we asked Roma what she’d be doing if she weren’t doing this. To which she said, “I am so glad I found Artisans Rose! For I don’t know how happy I would be to do anything else!”

We’re very happy for you, too, Roma. We wish you and your team well in your journey with Artisans Rose.

Visit the Artisans Rose shop on Engrave.

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