Meet the maker: Saumya Agarwal – Klay Kriti

Meet one of our most talented makers - Saumya Agarwal of Klay Kriti. We speak to her about her beginnings, learnings and challenges as she traverses the world of clays.

At Engrave, we love to introduce you to our Makers. They bring a lot to what we have in store for you. We believe getting to know them is a large part of helping us build a better relationship with you. On that introductory note, let’s meet one of our most talented and hardworking home makers and makers, Saumya Agarwal of Klay Kriti.

Saumya Agarwal – Founder, Klay Kriti

Beginning Klay Kriti

While living the corporate life, an undying passion for the arts and a desire to imagine her life in the company of creativity drove Saumya to start Klay Kriti in 2012. So, after giving birth to a beautiful daughter and working as HR manager for seven years, Saumya decided it was time to turn home maker, raise her child, and focus on other creative things. During this time, to keep herself occupied, Saumya started dabbling in various art forms and soon realised that creating with clay is what she was most drawn to. It felt right. It felt satisfying. It felt earthy. In fact, it felt like a form of meditation. Thus was born the idea of Klay Kriti.

Naming Klay Kriti

To make a mark that will be remembered, one of the things you could do with is an evocative name, which Klay Kriti most certainly is. Saumya says the name succinctly reflects the heart of an endeavour that is all about imagining and exploring the world of clay. Also, to make it more memorable, alliterative, and unique, she chose to replace the ‘C’ with “K”. How klever!

Learning Klay Kriti

Saumya’s childhood was her training ground for what she does today. Her mother, according to Saumya, is an immensely creative soul. Back in the day, Mother would sit Saumya and the rest of the youngsters in the family down and encourage them to make cards, posters, decorate pots, and create things with their hands during the holidays, in particular. It was this stimulation and guidance that nurtured the creative gene in Saumya and helped her feel comfortable with what she does at Klay Kriti today.

Inside Klay Kriti

The core team behind Klay Kriti is a lot leaner than you might think. It is an extremely efficiently run and utterly personal home store and small business. Everything about Klay Kriti is conceptualised, designed, and created by hand by Saumya. To this, her anonymous, albeit extremely valuable, logistics team adds immense value by ensuring timely, safe, and convenient home delivery.

Making Klay Kriti

What began on a small corner table in a little part of a room in a comfortable and well-appointed home has grown all right, but not into something unwieldy – for that is not the way of Klay Kriti. Inspired by the many-splendored hues of nature and life around her, Saumya now operates out of a cosy home-based workshop and creates customized products by hand for wonderful people, friends, and friends of friends she strives not to think of as mere customers.

Challenging Klay Kriti

As is often the case in life, growth is the big challenge – and opportunity – Klay Kriti is grappling to get a good handle on. What’s more, Saumya has to manage Klay Kriti while raising her child, which makes it doubly effortful and interesting for her. Happily, she believes all the hard work is paying dividends in more ways than one and is optimistic that Klay Kriti can be shaped into a beautiful brand in the years to come.

Way to go, Saumya! We look forward to being an integral part of your creative journey.

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