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Gifts forge bonds. Thoughtful, well-crafted gifts help you forge stronger, deeper bonds. Forge bonds and make memories for good with these elegant gifts in wood by Engrave.

Gifts forge bonds. Thoughtful gifts that are well-crafted and help you forge stronger, deeper bonds. Forge bonds and make memories for good with these elegant gifts in wood by Engrave.    

PRETTY ON PLAQUE: Our engraved wooden photo plaque is the perfect gift for your loved ones. To create one for anyone, all you need to do is upload a photo and we will etch the memory forever. Get started here. 

CERTIFIED BEAUTY: A diploma should reflect the hard work put in to earn it, and its pedigree. The Insignia Diploma plaque is a premium way to make the recipient feel good and the institution look good. 

KNOT EXTRAORDINARY: Your wedding invitation is a work of art. You don’t want to forget it. That’s why you should Engrave it on a Forget-me-knot. Here’s the way to do it best.

NAMING BIDRI: The beauty of the ancient art of Bidri meets contemporary lines and careful handiwork to give you distinctive nameplates and welcomes. 


Engraved Wooden Name Plate – Abhiratah (Bidri)

STORY COASTERS: If you believe your photographs tell stories, put them on coasters and gift yourself or your loved ones a set of these engaging conversation pieces.


Engraved Photo Coasters (Set of 4)

PET LOVE: Give your beloved pet a tag they deserve. Give them these nifty, unique, handmade pet tags in creativity and wood.

CALLING KEYS: Keys are important. You don’t want to forget them. Ensure you never lose sight of your keys by holding them in something eye-catching like this. 

From pretty plaques to eye-catching key holders, we have a range of artistic offerings in wood and other materials in over 50 product categories, Anyone who appreciates good taste, ethical making practices, and a uniquely aware approach to life will find much to love in our online store. Welcome to the world of Engrave. Welcome to a handcrafted, personalised, and thoughtful world.

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