Meet the Maker: Shivani Chakravarty – EXALTÉ Tea

Meet Shivani Chakravarty, founder of EXALTÉ tea, who wants tea lovers to experience a world of flavours & aromas that will touch their taste buds and elevate their senses.

“At EXALTÉ Tea, we want tea lovers to experience a world of flavours & aromas that will touch their taste buds and elevate their senses.” – Shivani Chakravarty – Founder, EXALTÉ tea

This is the mission at EXALTÉ. Their endeavour is to take tea to an exalted level of enjoyment, to a place where it transcends from being a mere habit and becomes a holistic experience, a state of being, a feeling of luxury, a way to pamper the self, a sensual means of satisfaction, and a nuanced discussion about an evolved way of life. Feel exalted. Welcome to EXALTÉ.

A decade back, when Tea Curator, Shivani Chakravarty traveled to the Far East, she discovered the flavours of Green Tea and the health benefits it offered. That’s when she knew that she had to start these flavours and a health revolution along the same lines in India. Thus was born EXALTÉ.

Shivani took a little time out from her very busy schedule to chat with us in a rapid-fire conversation. Let’s meet her.

Shivani Chakravarty – Founder, EXALTÉ

On your Maker page, you say ‘customized solutions to make special occasions even more special.’ Please elaborate.

By customized we mean, offering the choice of a new blend being crafted for the client’s special occasion/theme.  

What does the name EXALTÉ mean?

It’s a French word and it means, ‘to offer an exalted state of well-being for the mind, body and soul.’

What were you doing before you started EXALTÉ Tea?

I worked in an international Lingerie company.

Which are your most popular teas?

Kashmir Valley Green Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, Hibiscus Rosé, and Darjeeling Silver Needle Luxure.

What kind of people do you create your products for?

We want to reach out to people who like and appreciate a good cup of tea. People who enjoy the loose leaf tea experience and premium handcrafted teas with no artificial flavouring.

Where do you see EXALTÉ three years from now?

With an ever increasing EXALTÉ Tea family, with more people enjoying EXALTÉ Tea and experiencing the exalted level of mind, body and soul, with more optimism and aspirations is how I see EXALTÉ three years from now.

Finally, what would you be doing if you weren’t doing this?

I really don’t know the answer to that question now. Tea is a very intrinsic part of me. My day begins and ends with tea. My true calling was this.

Check out the EXALTÉ shop on Engrave.

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