Meet the Maker: Shruti Jain – Artycor

Meet Shruti, who along with her father started Artycor a platform for handmade and hand-painted products with a traditional, yet modern touch.

“There is art in everything and everywhere you look, all you need to do is to stop and experience it.” – Shruti Jain

Artycor means ‘The Art living within your Cor (heart).’ They draw inspiration from your thoughts and unfold the design through our creative skills. Their tagline and vision is ‘Customising happiness.’

Artycor is a platform for handmade and hand-painted products with a traditional, yet modern touch. Their focus is on conserving the authenticity of traditional art that is slowly dying away in the digital age.

Young, vivacious, driven, and optimistic, Shruti Jain, founder of Artycor, is wise beyond her years. We spoke to her in order to understand her reasons for starting Artycor and her vision for this young and growing brand. Over to you, Shruti.

Shruti with her father and mentor Mukesh Jain.

Who is Shruti Jain?

I started Artycor in August 2016 at the age of 25 with my dad. We are located in Bhopal. There’d be no Artycor without my dad. Today, whenever I am stuck somewhere in a thought process, I go to my dad. He has a solution for everything.

My dad always explores and implements new ideas. I grew up watching him doing so. I had an unlimited number of art and craft sessions with my dad since childhood. I am post-graduate with a degree in engineering. I work as a Professor.

I never thought of pursuing a creative career, I just took it as a part of growing up. It gives me great pleasure to see how I have chosen to pursue my hobby with a passion and explore the possibility of turning it into a full-time profession.  

What is Artycor?

Every product that evokes admiration is unique and precious.  We have a wide range of offerings, including nameplates, wall accents, home decor, corporate gifts, and plaques, to name a few.

Our products portray a personalized client-story through art. I find this amazing. Every tiny detail in these crafted products narrates a different story. Our best sellers are story-based plaques, tribal art and scrabble nameplates, sign boards, and key holders.

We craft products for people who appreciate the creative art. Each item we create is a blend of memories, emotions, creativity, and imagination.

Challenges faced in connection with achieving my goals for Artycor?

No matter how good your products are, they will remain unnoticed due to lack of marketing. Artycor was started with a Facebook page. It evoked a good response, but that was not enough to build the audience. That’s when we decided to collaborate with online platforms like Engrave. This has helped us grow Artycor.

What does the future look like?

Going forward, we’d like to reach out to more art lovers. Whenever someone wishes to own or gift handmade, customized product that tells a story through art, Artycor should be the place to go. This is my fervent desire.

What would you be doing if you weren’t doing this?

I have been drawn into creative art since childhood. I’ve never imagined my life without it.

Finally, thank you for reading my story.

Visit the Artycor Shop on Engrave.

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