Skincare Tips Cause Winter Is Here!

Winter is finally here and we've got you covered in the skincare department with these all natural products from our makers.

Many of us love winter season. But for many of us, winter also means the need for more intensive and more sensitive skincare. Well, now that winter is here, here is a most caring selection of skincare solutions the Makers at Engrave have in store for you.


If lips are getting chapped, it must mean it’s winter. And for winter lips that are soft as pillows, tinted, scented, fancy, artificial is definitely not the way to go. Instead, go smart, go basic, and go unscented lip balms. Like these Peach and Choco Butter Lip Balms from Fuschia.


Often, we neglect our feet. We shouldn’t. Exfoliation and moisturizing make for healthy feet. All natural sugar or salt scrubs are good for your feet. Here’s an offering in almond and cinnamon from The Green Meadow that you should consider making a part of your winter care kit.


Non-natural face cleansers can cause very dry skin. Use them carefully and sparingly. Also, after cleansing, leaving the skin exposed for more than 30 seconds can dehydrate it. To begin with, use the right cleanser, like this bright and earthy idea from The Green Meadow.


Homemade hydrating face creams are best to provide your face with much needed moisture in the winter months.  Cocoa butter, Avocado, Apricot, Sweet Almond oils, extracts of vitamin-rich and anti-oxidant botanicals are the kind of ingredients you should look for in your hydrating cream. You’ll find the best of this offering from Ma Earth Botanicals.


Winter means dryer skin. And that calls for a good soap or two with the perfect natural balance and deep moisturising properties.

This one, for instance, from Hedonista is infused with the goodness of gourmet milk


Or this one from Nyassa that is packed with the nourishment of almond butter.


Body butter is magic for skin care during winter because there are several advantages associated with body butter apart from moisturising your skin. That said, remember to choose a body butter that suits your skin type. This will improve the texture and skin tone, while hydrating your body. If you feel that the body butter is too thick for your skin, mix it with a little water to arrive at a consistency you are comfortable with. And, finally, if you’re looking for a great body butter that is truly better, this sweet almond cocoa body butter is the way to go.


Winter doesn’t insulate your skin from sun damage. It may not be hot, but the sun’s rays are equally UV-damaging all-year round. Keep the UV rays at bay, while nourishing your skin and making it glow, with theOrganic Sunscreen Lotion by Bio Organic & Natural.

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