Meet the maker: Sonal Agarwal – Sonal’s Craft Shed

Meet Sonal Agarwal - Founder, Sonal's Craft Shed - a craft-house that specializes in hand-crafted items such as clocks, nameplates and boxes.

We love to introduce you to our Makers. They bring a lot to what we have in store for you. We believe getting to know them is a large part of helping us build a better relationship with you. And on that note, let’s meet one of our most talented home-makers and makers, Sonal Agarwal of Craft Shed.

Sonal Agarwal – Founder, Sonal’s Craft Shed

Before Craft Shed

Before she started Craft Shed, Sonal Agarwal began her journey into the wide world of creativity. She has tried her hand at Tanjore paintings, clay paintings, glass paintings, and explored the joys of painting a range of other media with her imagination.

Sonal remembers being constantly called upon to help with wedding festivities and decorations and packaging gifts. After completing her schooling, Sonal did a few courses on fashion and design, which helped her move closer to understanding her creative desires.

Soon, she started creating a range of handcrafted items for herself and a small circle of interested parties. Sonal worked hard to get better at it by devoting time and effort to workshops, tutorials, and experiments that taught her to craft a gamut of beautiful objects by hand. Then she got married and took on the role of a home-maker.

After she became a home-maker, Sonal continued to explore her creative side. She painted. She designed. And she crafted gifts. Then she became a mother.

Once her daughter was born, Sonal divided time between raising her and nurturing her crafting bug. The first thing she recalls handcrafting was a batch of birthday invitations for her daughter, which were extremely well received. In fact, after this, people called her and asked Sonal to make invitations for various events they were organising.

Before she realised it, Sonal was the ‘official maker of invitations’ for birthday parties for friends and family. The first baby steps towards Craft Shed had been made. Slowly and surely, what began as a childhood hobby turned into the beauty of Craft Shed in September 2012.

Naming Craft Shed

One of the most important aspects of building a brand is coming up with a good name. Sonal chose Craft Shed because it reflects the fact that all her interests and offerings are deeply connected with crafts and it communicated the intimacy of handcrafting products from a personal space like a home, hut or, in this case, a comfy shed. Thus came into being the name for a personal space that handcrafted items for people who care.

Please do take the time out to visit and get to know them better. You are always welcome.

Inside Craft Shed

Craft Shed is all about crafting items that are personal. The team Sonal has put together is handpicked to reflect this ethos. They are small, eclectic, close-knit, and committed to the art of what Sonal believes in. Most of the design work is spearheaded by Sonal, who works closely with carpenters, painters, packers, and a team-mate to help her with marketing. It’s incredible how much this small team of less than five people gets done from a home store. What’s even more commendable is that Sonal and her team do so much despite the fact that her primary duty is that of taking care of her daughters.

Challenging Craft Shed

Paper Crafting is an immense field. There are lots of people who are experts at it. Many people inspire and push Craft Shed to do more and better. The challenge they grapple with everyday is to be distinct, while ensuring their products appeal to many people. It’s a fine balance that Craft Shed works hard to strike.

In addition, Sonal is constantly driven by the art of dealing with different kinds of people, finding and retaining good artisans to work with, staying ordered and organised, and the pursuing ways to bag and cater to large orders without sacrificing the quality of personalisation.

Ahead of Craft Shed

Finally, we asked Sonal where she saw Craft Shed three years from now. She said, “I have lots of things going on my mind. Three years from now, I wish to have a small showroom at a respectable place where I can reach to the right audience and would love to supply our products internationally to some of the big firms.”

We wish Sonal and her team well and look forward to being an integral part of their dream. Way to go, Craft Shed.

Visit the Sonal’s Craft Shed Shop on Engrave.

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