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Based out of bustling Delhi, Handmade Pledge is an intrinsically contemporary Indian home decor offering that is innovation personified and also lovingly-personalized. We chatted with founder Soumita Mukherjee, in order to get to know them better.

Based out of bustling Delhi, Handmade Pledge is an intrinsically contemporary Indian offering that is innovation personified. It is also lovingly-personalized. And when innovation, India, love, and personalization come together, you get home decor that is distinctive with a bit of folk touch. We chatted with Handmade Pledge in order to get to know them better. You are cordially invited to the conversation. Welcome.

How many members make up your team?

Handmade Pledge is a nascent startup and currently, it’s just a one-person team. That person is me, Soumita Mukherjee 😊.


What were you doing before you started doing this?

I was working as a Senior Marketing Manager at a corporate firm. I have nearly a decade worth of experience in the corporate sector.

Why did you choose to do what you do?

I always wanted to go back to my creative roots. I am a NIFT Mumbai graduate in Design. Playing with colors have always been my free time hobby, which I now want to pursue further. This is what motivated me to take the plunge.


We are fascinated by names. What’s the story behind your brand name?

Handmade Pledge was born accidentally over fun time conversations with a couple of close friends – Deepu & Sunil. Still, miss the golden times spent together and some really good creative co-working. Hoping to take Handmade Pledge from its cradle to every Indian Home.

Which are your best selling products?

Red Round Wooden Handpainted Showpiece

Folklore Pompom Mirror

Glass Framed Coasters (set of 6)


What kind of people do you create your products for?

We are looking to reach out and build relationships with young to middle-aged individuals who want to decorate their homes with a personalized touch that is unique, yet, very budget-friendly.

What are the challenges you face in connection with achieving your goals?

If you enjoy your work, then challenges transform into fun. Every day I am learning something new.


Where do you see your brand three years from now?

I am working towards making Handmade Pledge the preferred option for Home Décor for every Indian home.


What would you be doing if you weren’t doing this?

I would be still working in the corporate industry.

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