Stylish Eco-Friendly Lighting For Your Home

Natural materials lend themselves to so many wonderful things. For instance, allow us to throw some light on seven ways to brighten your home with lamps created by our makers using imagination, ingenuity, and natural materials.

Jute, banana fibre, parchment leather, yarn…these and other natural materials lend themselves to so many wonderful things. What’s more, they are good for the environment and the soul. Keeping this in mind, we thought it would be interesting and arresting to show you seven ethically-conscious and aesthetically-pleasing ways in which you can transform your home with decor created by our makers using imagination, ingenuity, and natural materials. Allow us to throw some beautiful light on them. Welcome.

1. JUTE:

Welcome to Untold homes. What does this maker have in store for you in jute? Introduce yourself to this contemporary and beautifully-designed pendant lamp. It will brighten your spaces and nourish your surroundings with style and substance for years to come.


Can a material like banana fibre be used to create lighting and interior decor? It most certainly can. And so well, too! See what Salebrations has in store for you and your interiors.



What is parchment leather? How can it be used to create eye-catching things for your spaces? Say hello to Studio Moya and the Drum Lotus Sutra Hanging Lamp. They will tell you. Get enlightened.

4. YARN:

When we say yarn, do you see interior decor that’s beautiful and distinctive? Our maker Salebrations most emphatically does. Acquaint yourself with this Yarn Table Lamp that’s made with yarn and wood glue.

5. WOOD:

District 18 does magical things with wood and other earth-friendly material. For example, check out this hanging lamp from their stables. Take one look at it and you’ll find it hard to take your eyes off it. See what we mean.

And then there’s this by Desi Jugaad.

Creativity is one of the things the folks from Desi Jugaad pride themselves on possessing in spades. No matter what they come up with, you can be sure the folks from Desi Jugaad will surprise you. Consider this Bend-it-like-a-robot-lamp, and you’ll know exactly what we mean.


What can you do with empty and used jam jars? Not much, right? Not if you are Poppadum Art. Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Blackcurrant and Green Apple – just like the jam you grew up devouring, their Jam Lamps also come in a set of lip-smacking flavours!

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