The Art In Embroidery

Embroidery is eye-catching. When done well, it can look stunning. Here are some fabulously embroidered offerings we have in store for you at Engrave.

Embroidery is striking. When done well, it can look out of this world. Here are some fabulously handmade embroidered offerings we have handpicked for you. If you love the fine art of embroidery, you will be captivated by what our skilled Makers have in store for you. Welcome.


FASHIONABLY WARM: Intricate, exotic, colourful, stylish, and comfortable is this embroidered beauty by Mesmora. And that’s just a few of the inviting reasons you may wish to have a closer look at it. This way, please, for more.



WALK THIS WAY: Step into the realm of singularly eye-catching feet in the company of this beautiful pair of couture sandals by Calzado. This isn’t just footwear we’re introducing you to. It’s a whole new world of fashionable walking.

FLOWER POWER: There are so many ways of looking at flower power. These embroidered chappals by the happy folk at Just For Love Footwear is one of the more enchanting avenues to experience the joys of floral chic.


HANDSOME AND COMPANY: If a handbag were just a handbag, any old handbag would do. But it’s not. Far from it. And women with taste will tell you that a handbag is way more than just a handbag. And then, they may well point you to this by Xiwikj India as a handsome example of what they mean. Or maybe they won’t – so that they are the only ones that own something like it. Thankfully, we are. You are very welcome.


WRAPPED IN COMFORT: This is not a towel. It is a comfort zone that looks distinctive and welcoming. For all the reasons why it is so, check into this lovingly-embroidered and ethically handmade offering by Stitch A Wish. KD037-1

Grey Magical Unicorn Bath Towel by Stitch A Wish


COVER POINT: A comfortable cushion is complete only when it is covered in something equally inviting and comforting. This embroidered cushion cover by HIIH is the kind of cushion companion we mean. And your cushion needs.


INSIDE STORY: Jewellery is personal. More often than not, it may also be precious. Almost always, it is an integral part of a lady’s life. And sometimes, even a man’s. For all these reasons and then some more, this handmade, hand-embroidered ornament holder is most interesting. Come on in, and think inside the box.


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