The Best 2018 Home Decor Trends You Need To Check Out

If you’re looking to do up your apartment, here are five hot trends you simply cannot afford to ignore.

Be it hint of gold, a splash of lilac, or your good ol’ white and black — the modern urban Indian seems to be increasingly drawn towards the idea of living in a prettier, warmer, and more welcoming home. We’re a couple of weeks into the new year, and if you’re reading this, it’s safe to assume that you’ve already delved into the deepest pits of Pinterest, hoping to chance upon some of the best decor trends of 2018 to make your living space a tad more gorgeous.

And if that certainly is the case, and if you are indeed looking for some creative interior designing inspiration, then well, here’s our list of five home decor trends that are a la mode, and can be used to successfully remodel your home in 2018.

1. Brass

Metal is coming back in a big way in 2018, and Brass is the one leading the way. A terrific substitute for stainless steel, brass looks luxurious without being ostentatious — and a good mix of metals dominated by brass could help you set up a warm, subtle, and sophisticated space.

2. Vintage Lighting

Be it a 20th century lamp or a chandelier from the 70s, juxtaposing vintage lighting with the modern elements in your apartment could result in an incredibly beautiful setting. And of course, you can make the most of the point above and use brass finish for the same. Two birds, one stone, etc!

3. Natural Elements And Materials

Technically speaking, using natural materials never really went out of fashion — and considering it’s an all-time evergreen classic, we doubt it ever will. We’re talking copper, stones, granite, and even wood and marble. Furthermore, natural elements serve as a great way to reflect the geography of a certain location, and more importantly, last long too. A great way to approach it would be to go green — think potted plants, climbers, vertical landscaping, and the like. In fact, using bamboo, cane, or decor made using woven textures isn’t half a bad idea either.

4. Floral, Geometric, And Crafty Art

Floral patterns and abstract art are making heads turn in 2018. Geometric patterns, too, could be a dramatic addition, and a combination of them all could add a nice bohemian touch to your home. Then there’s also geometric wallpapers, in either small or big circular patterns, which you can use to adorn your bare walls. In addition to that, you could turn to local artisans for stunning handcrafted decor, which, albeit slightly expensive, isn’t commercial and one-of-a-kind, and thus, the personalisation factor should prove to be well worth the money.

5. Bold Colours

Rich, vibrant, and bold colours are thankfully back in vogue this new year, and thus offers you the perfect opportunity to play around and experiment to your heart’s content. Mix and match, though — you don’t want it to be too loud, bordering on offensive or even overwhelming. A diverse, proportionate mix will allow various elements to stand out, and if done right, will complement the metallic decor in your apartment as well.


Well, that’s our list. Do you have any more design ideas of your own? Feel free to share them with our readers by commenting below!

Rameez Shaikh

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