8 Thoughtful Gifts That Will Make Mom Feel Special, This Mother’s Day

Don’t forget Mother’s Day – it’s on May 13. And one way to make it truly memorable is to pick up something unique, thoughtful, and loving for your dear Mother from these gifts we've curated for you.

Some of the days of the year are a little more special than most. Mother’s Day is one of them. And it’s just around the corner – May 13. Let us help you make it a truly memorable one for dear Mother with this hand-picked selection of unique, thoughtful, and loving handmade gifts we have in store for you, for her. Here’s to a very happy Mother’s Day.


For the mother of all dedications, check into this artistic take by De Niche that encourages us to see mom in more ways than one. It’s unique, it’s elegant, it’s classy, and it will make the viewer go wow.


Being a mother is most demanding. It requires skills of an extraordinary kind, and a great amount of dedication, and deep reserves of strength. In many ways, it is a superlative endeavour. Recognise this with this offering from Hashtag Idea.


Here is the sound of the words ‘I love you, Mom’ captured and created in 3D by MakeWhale in the form of a key chain. A truly unusual way to show you care.


When the important day is upon you, let your wishes be eye-catching and ship-shape enough to be framed and displayed for years to come. This colourful and creative card from The Ink Affair is what we’re alluding to.


The right words when presented with thought and taste can speak volumes about the way you feel for your near and dear ones. See what we’re saying with this set of feelings from Engrave.


When some people in your life are more important than others, a great way to show them they are is to gift them something very special created with love and feeling. Like this gourmet chocolate bar of Belgian delights from Rage.


There are so many things you’ve asked your mother to do for you. These coupons from GiftStation are an endearing and innovative way to give her the opportunities to ask you to do something back for her.


Anything handcrafted with thought and feeling has a way of tugging at heartstrings. Show your mother how much she matters to you by giving her this card that’s a craft above the ordinary from Paper Story Studio.

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