Top 75 T-Shirt Makers in India

We at Engrave love our Desi brands, and so, we decided to go all out and create a list of 75 (yes, seventy five) of our favourite T-Shirt Makers in India for you.

Let’s be honest — we’re a brand conscious generation. The influx of western brands into the Indian market has often seen us strut around donning the best of Gas, Zara, or UCB.

But if you were to open our eyes (and more importantly, your mind) and look around a little, you’d know that in the past decade or so there has been a surge of Indian brands that are dedicated to making brilliant quality clothing. These brands, as the bourgeois Indian in you would be thrilled to know, are more than reasonably priced too.

So let’s back it up a bit — premium quality clothing available at a much cheaper rate than your usual western brands. Why would you not want to try them, again?

We at Engrave love our Desi brands, and so, we decided to go all out and create a list of 75 (yes, seventy five) of our favourite T-Shirt Makers in India for you.

In no particular ranking or order of favouritism… Here we go!


WYO stands for ‘Wear Your Opinion’, which, as the name suggests, is a brand that creates ‘opinionated’ merchandise for you through. The merchandise comprises of a selection of words and images on their tees chosen by you. That little touch of personalisation really adds to the whole feel of the tees.

Bewakoof »

Following an innovative Direct-Fashion model, Bewakoof is one of the top players in the game today. Run by two IITians who are also fashion enthusiasts, the brand aims to transform the fashion landscape by cutting down the middleman and offering the resultant perks to the customers.

Tmill »

TMill believes in art, fun and sometimes believes in Gotham city, Santa’s little helpers, Tooth-fairies and the Rabbit hole. They put them all in a giant super blender and mix them to make T-shirts that high-five your soul!


“Clothing for the cool” is the brand’s tagline, and it’s rather difficult to argue with that. With some stunning designs on display, OSOM is a must have in your closet.

VoxPop »

Voxpop is actually short for “Voice of the people” — which brings the brand to the fore of a whole new culture that allows people to speak their mind. From men, to women, and even kids, there’s a little something there for anyone who aims to ‘wear their attitude’.

Kultprit »

A splendid venture with a great backstory, Kultprit aims to bring about a change with its clothing. A brand with a cause, it believes that being a Kultprit is all about taking a stance against what’s wrong with society today, and expresses this very sentiment through its tees.

Teenetra »

What we love about Teenetra is that it isn’t fussy by any means. By that, we mean that’s a simple yet terrific brand that caters to a large contemporary crowd with its fantastic range of apparel and merchandise.

iRide »

If you’re a motorbike enthusiast, iRide has to be your one-stop-shop. The brand makes amazing adventure riding gear and apparels, which includes an amazing range of rider-friendly tees, and much more.

Captain KYSO »

If you’re stuck with some boring tees in your closet, Captain KYSO is here to save the day! KYSO stands for Keep Your Shirt On, and once you don their super-comfortable tees, you’ll definitely want to keep them on all day!

No Nasties »

If you’re curious about the reason for the naming, No Nasties is all about ‘fair play’. How, exactly, you ask? Well, they produce 100% organic clothing, without any exploitation or child labour of any kind. Furthermore, their designs are amazing, and yet, at the same time, not wannabe or preachy. Ticks all our boxes, if you ask us!

bhane »

Live simply, simply live — if bhane.’s simplistically beautiful motto doesn’t have you floored, their designs and clothing range most certainly will! The Delhi based brand is making more heads turn by the day and is one of the most consistently brilliant brands in the country today.

Say It Loud »

One of the country’s premium brands, Say It Loud creates brilliant quality designer tees for both men and women. Driven by “zeal, creativity, and a dash of enthusiasm”, as they claim, the brand creates amazing merch for the ‘Young Guns’ on India today.

Campus Sutra »

The name’s a big giveaway, but the brand is still full of surprises. Dedicated to the youth of today, Campus Sutra is a brand that creates ‘funky’ and ‘offbeat’ products for the college going crowd of India.

Go Untucked »

A Bangalore based brand, Go Untucked’s aim is to design with all their love and heart. With the help of their simplistically stunning tees, the brand aims to use its merch to spread some love and happiness into people’s increasingly stressful lives.

Paintcollar »

Paintcollar is an online market dedicated to designer clothing created by the brilliance of inspired artists. The brand provides artists with a platform to fuel their creativity and the resultant artwork is used to produce a tremendous range of tees for you. Simply put, it connects the finesse and flair of beautiful art with your everyday lifestyle.

Indophile »

An eco-clothing brand, Indophile aims to deliver high quality fashion inspired by our Indian culture. This is facilitated by organic cotton that is used to make their tees, which helps everyone right from the bottom till the very top.

White Kalia »

Want to feel one step closer to your favourite TV shows and Superheroes? White Kalia’s wonderful range of tees is perfect for the TV and comic fanatic inside you. If you love Pop Culture, this will definitely be your new favourite brand.

Happily Unmarried »

Simple yet effective, Happily Unmarried’s products seem to have a feel-good story attached to them. And oh, as weird as it sounds, they’ll sell you stuff if you’re happily married too!

Tees and That »

If your wardrobe’s lacking some spark, you can bank on Tees and That to fix that in a jiffy. Their range of tees features everything that is “magical, mystical, and magnificent” and thus, adds that missing funky element from your closet.

Quirk Box »

Quirk Box is what you get when you roll artists, designers, and entrepreneurs into one. Based in Pune, the innovative lifestyle label creates unique prints for their collections that are fresh, trendy, and a la mode.

Alma Mater »

Ready to go down the nostalgic lane? Alma Mater is innovative brand that lets you customise your apparel to your liking for your class, school, college, or even your office parties and reunions.

RedWolf »

Founded in 2011, RedWolf is an indie clothing brand that brings art to life. Their terrific range of graphic tees have been hugely successful thanks to their offbeat and loud designs, making them popular amongst people across all ages and fandoms.

Contraband »

Founded in late 2013, Contraband’s designs are inspired by rock n’ roll, science fiction, vintage art, and comics. History and pop culture is where their heart lies, and the fact that they produce comfortable, 100% pure cotton tees is an added bonus.

The Glu Affair »

While everyone seems to be busy catering to the world of Pop Culture, The Glu Affair takes a different route altogether. The brand if of the belief that the trends that are created at the “top” of the fashion world spiral down and affect everyone and thus, aims to “unpop” that very aspect of fashion by going against it. It helps bring self-expression to the fore by solely focusing on design based collections.

Nineteen51 »

Nineteen51 is your one-stop-shop for dynamic, well-fitting t-shirts — no questions asked. “Attention to detail” is their motto, and is exactly what keeps them driven to produce aesthetically designed dynamic tees.

Kulture Shop »

“This is art. Wear it. Own it. Gift it.” As the tagline suggests, Kulture Shop is big on artistic expression. The brand sells limited edition t-shirts designed by some of the most talented Indian artists around the globe.

Po10C Design Studio »

Another brand using their brand to promote their love for artistic flair is Po10C Design Studio. Art is infinite, they claim, and the brand aims to push its limits by blending biomechanical and organic artwork with fashion to produce their stunning merch.

Bombay Trooper »

The thing about Bombay Trooper is that their designs are as just as unique as their name. The brand doesn’t believe in readymade tees, and thus, creates the tees only after you’ve placed the order, making it one of the best bets for personalised clothing.

Brown Boy »

While the name is desi, the clothing and style is a blend of everyday street styles from New York, London, and even Tokyo! Inspired largely by European trends, the brand aims to redefine street fashion for Indians.

Blue Bus Store »

What’s lovely about Blue Bus Store is that it has a little bit of everything for everyone. But what really makes it spectacular are its online slogans and its glorious designs inspired by good ol’ Bollywood!


SWAG actually stands for Saffron White and Green — the colours of the Indian flag. The brand aims at using the finest Desi fabrics and techniques to give the world a taste of both the classic and ever-evolving Indian culture.

Freecultr »

A lifestyle apparel brand, Freecultr uses innovative designs, ideas, and a spectrum of colours to connect with a wide and diverse audience. It also provides a platform for creative minds to get together and design and sell their own tees.

1469 Workshop »

The name might bring back a few memories from your history textbook, but the wonderful brand actually aims at uplifting and promoting Punjabi handicraft and folk. The influence of Punjabi elements is quite visible in its merch, making it the perfect pick for Desi wear.

Made Alive »

An independent community, Made Alive clothing is for the believers and devotees. The brand aims to bring them one step closer to God through their spiritually inspired merchandise.

Burp »

An independent brand that is in no way related to the food website, Burp’s designs are touted to be rather unique and fresh. Their impressive range of tees and hoodies are much sought after because of that very reason!

Tantra »

A wide range of designs aside, Tantra’s a great pick for several reasons. Perhaps the most eye-catching of the lot is their unisex tees, which one seldom finds elsewhere.

Forty Red Bangles »

As the name suggests, Forty Red Bangles is a brand that is based on the theme of marriage. Their tees infuse the traditional and modern methods of clothing and reflect this very mindset through their many cultural and ethnic designs.

Samtana »

In keeping with the trend of environment-friendly products, Samtana is another tremendous addition to the list. Known for its stylish and affordable range of organic tees, the brand’s sustainable practices through fair-trade make shopping fun and socially responsible as well.

UV & W »

Here we have yet another organic brand in UV & W, which produces skin-friendly organic tees. Based in Punjab, the brand is known to be the first in the country to be involved in certified organic clothing — which is exemplary.

Bhu:sattva »

With the true essence of earth being its motto (bhu means earth and sattva, essence) the brand creates organic tees using fabrics from local lands, even using herbal dyes for colouring. It has thus earned the reputation of being a “sustainable designer clothing” brand.

UberJogi »

If personalised and customised tees is what you seek, there are few better brands to pick from than UberJogi. The brand also offers specific hand printed designs, as well as custom designs for any event or party you host.

eDiots »

The name’s an obvious pun, but we’ll elaborate nonetheless. eDiots is all about humour based clothing brand that aims to make you chuckle, snort, or simply make you smile through its designs and quips.

Rebel Gear »

Rebel Gear’s mission is simple — to get you tees that are unique and different from what you’ll find elsewhere. Other than the designs, the focus is largely on the fabric, print quality, and the fitting of the tees.

Ulty Khopdi »

Ulty Kopdi’s clothes are just as eccentric as their name. The brand has a magnificent collection of nerdy and geeky tees, which are full of as comic book and pop culture references.

Knoked »

Since we’re on the topic of geeky tees, we couldn’t exactly leave out Knoked. The brand is full of witty one-liners and great designs, all at rather reasonable prices too.

Bandarwalla »

We all need a bit of a laugh in our lives, and another brand that relies heavily on humour is Bandarwalla. Their kooky designs and quips will, as the brand claims, make you go bananas!

Do u speak Green »

Do u speak Green is another amazing eco-friendly brand. With over 20 years of experience in the field, the brand aims to push the boundaries of fashion using environment-friendly, sustainable, recycled, and organic material to produce some stunning products.

Chimpwear »

Monkeying around seems to be a recurring theme Chipwear, too, is a brand that produces some rather amazing offbeat designs, with the simple aim to entertain and make the world cooler and a happier, more colourful place.

Lazy Ninja »

One of the coolest brands in India, Lazy Ninja is a great option to get your hands on merch based on your favourite TV shows or movies. They’re not afraid to dabble in spoofs either, and might even go as far as accepting your designs and printing them for you!

Let’s Flaunt »

Customised tees? Check. Superhero tees? Check. Cartoon tees? Check. Sporty tees? Check. Music tees? Check. One-stop-shop for everything you need? Check.

Tee Talkies »

Customisation is one thing, but to be able to pick from 15 different basic colours and even more sizes is something that Tee Talkies allows you to do. You can then play around and create your own designs and they’ll have it produced to your exact liking and delivered to you too!

Jhingu »

Jhingu, derived from the word Jhinga (yes, prawns) is a whimsical brand that is devoted to spreading creative pop culture designs across all genders and races. From TV shows, to games, and even abstract designs, the brand designs them on and goes about its business in a nonchalant manner without a care in the world!

The Souled Store »

“Be yourself” — that’s what the brand preaches, and helps you achieve that with their excellent range of tees. Started by four engineers to break the monotony of a 9 to 9 job, the friends started the online store that features merch that is designed by artists all around India. “Happiness is only real when shared”, they say, and we couldn’t agree more.

I wear Me »

They believe that art and fashion has the power to express one’s individuality, and their tees, which are 100% organic, reflect that very belief. Their aim is deliver ‘green fashion’, and they do just that with their amazing eco-friendly products.

Bu Shirt »

Bu Shirt is a brand that lets you wear what you think, wear what you say, and wear who you are. The brand claims it helps you “wear your emotions” and is home to the latest styles and trends in men’s fashion.

Humptee Dumptee »

Managed by a small core of people, the brand relies on creativity and quality to forge a bond of trust with its customers. The brand produces amazing designs and tees meant for men, women, couples, and even gym wear, with all their love and heart.

Huetrap »

Huetrap has had a longstanding affair with fashion that allows it to play around with designs and colours to create products that are of great quality and yet, affordable. It enables you to be bold and stylish at the same time, delivering nothing but the best.

SheepStop »

A graphic t-shirt brand, SheepStop describes itself as a melting pot for designs and designers. It uses the most popular contributions on their online designer community and features them on their 100% organic products.

Witongo »

What’s better than owning a customised t-shirt? Owning one you can customise every day, of course! Witongo tees are re-writable — yes, re-writable, which means you can simply erase your artwork or quotes and rewrite a new one the next day!

Go Yolo »

Created by a bunch of TV enthusiasts, Go Yolo features the best of TV shows and movies into their products. Since the subject is so close to their heart, the products are near-perfect, of premium quality, and bring out the best from the world of entertainment!

Smugglerz »

“Bad guys” are fascinating to many, and Smugglerz’s range of tees are based on many such anti-heroes and villains. Their line of products are inspired by gangsters and mobsters too, inspiring you to be a hustler that stands out of the generic crowd.


While the list consists of eco-friendly brands, One For Blue uses fashion as a way to raise both awareness and money for the environment. The brand celebrates the beauty of the planet by using fashion to express love for nature, and unite people to protect the environment and conserve wildlife.

Taandav »

The world literally translates to a divine dance, but it’s more than that in this case. ‘Of the Babajis, by the Babajis, for the Babajis!’ Taandav is a brand that aims to bring back the psychedelic and the retro through its amazing range of tees.

Tofu »

While brands are stylish, few are conscious about their products at the same time. Tofu’s splendid T-shirts not only look great on your body, but also help you give back to the community. The brand employs victims of sex trafficking and offers them the chance at a brighter future and a new life — which is great!

Bajrang Velvet »

While most brands choose to focus on cotton, Bajrang Velvet uses, well, velvet. There are three main categories to choose from: Their premium brand, Deer Park, the more affordable one in Hurray, and Teetotalers, their youth oriented brand.

Cupick »

To empower the creative minds is their mission, and Cupick succeeds at the same by offering a platform to artists to sell their products. It’s a great portal to discover great artwork full of life and creativity, all at affordable prices too.

Bitter Truth »

What we love about Bitter Truth is that their motto is simple — to create a brand that provides affordable clothing for both the maker and the customer. This simple mantra has helped them come up with some terrific tees at rather cheap rates!

Unmonkey »

An experimental brand, Unmonkey aims to break the ‘monkey see, monkey do’ stereotype that exists in the fashion world today. The brand allows you to stand up against the conformity of the vogue in a bid to help you express your individuality.

Hangout Store »

Nerds, rejoice, for the Hangout Store has a mind-boggling collection of gaming and pop culture tees. If that wasn’t impressive enough, they also have their own Rs. 299 section where everything’s under 300 bucks. What’s not to love!?

Neil Dantas »

Having opinions is one thing, having strong civic opinions, another. Neil Dantas uses his clothing as a medium to express those very opinions about his city of Mumbai, which in turn allows the wearers with similar viewpoints a platform to express themselves.

Play Clan »

If Neil Dantas is all about Mumbai, Play Clan takes its inspiration from the city of Delhi. Add a bit of humour, some insane designs, and a ton of psychedelic colours, and the end product is this wacky T-shirt that’s the soul of your closet. Play Clan also takes inspiration from everyday mundane things, relying on doodling and scribbling to help produce their incredible tees.

Paani Puri »

One part of being a successful brand is having an unconventional name that stands out from the rest. In Paani Puri, owner Rish Oberoi has that bit covered, at least. For the other part, his unique prints and often eccentric designs based on a fusion of Indian street food and western pop culture do the job just fine!

Printland »

As the name suggests (again), Printland helps you print your own creative designs (or one you stumbled upon on the internet while googling cat videos or the meaning of life) on you tees at rather affordable prices.

Indigreen »

If you’re a sucker for Bollywood but also care about the environment, there’s no better place to get your tees than at Indigreen. Why? Well, because where else will you find incredible products that are both organic and filmy?

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