Tripping on Indian Creativity #10

This fortnight's edition of the 6 most creative finds in arts and crafts in India on the internet include dust art and a keyboard upcycled in to a pen stand.

Roughly speaking, dictionary dot com defines creativity as the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships or the like and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, and interpretations using the power of imagination.

At Engrave, we worship this ability to create and recreate in India day in and day out and have decided to pay tribute to the artisans and craftspeople that practice this by undertaking a fortnightly pilgrimage to six of the most creative pieces in Indian arts and crafts on the internet and share our discoveries with you.

The idea of this trip is to introduce you to India’s best of what’s out there and inspire you to do the best you can to be more creative, for creativity is a quality the world can do with a lot more of. Welcome.

1. Dust to Beauty:

by Satish Sharma

Most of us tend to crinkle our nose in a show of disgust when we see dust. Not Satish Sharma. He sees creativity. See what he turns dust into.

2. The creative side of keyboards:

by Quilling Arts

You can’t do much with old keyboards, right? Not if you are Lavanya Neelam of Quilling Arts. See what beautiful things she does with an old keyboard:

3. The Fan:

by Purvi Khurana

Clearly when it comes to exploring the arty and homely side of the humble ceiling fan, the sky’s the limit for Purvi Khanna.

4. Intricart:

by Madhu Gajjala

Most people think creativity is all about inspiration. The fact of the matter is this is not true. The intricate art of acrylic on canvas by Madhu Gajjala’s is yet another reminder that creativity is, actually, 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.

5. Bowled over:

by Shailee Tomar Panwar

You won’t believe what this beautiful piece of art by Shailee Tomar Pawar is made out of! Come on in and get bowled over with this large bowl made from newspapers.

6. No face in the crowd:

by Rekha Gupta

Let’s face it, this is a jaw-dropping example of creativity by Rekha Gupta. Take a closer look at these Rajasthani face masks made from empty Johnson Baby Powder Containers.

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