Tripping on Indian Creativity #13

This fortnightly edition of the 6 most creative finds in arts and crafts in India on the internet features artists who look at flowers creatively.

Roughly speaking, dictionary dot com defines creativity as the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships or the like and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, and interpretations using the power of imagination.

At Engrave, we worship this ability to create and recreate in India day in and day out and have decided to pay tribute to the artisans and craftspeople that practice this by undertaking a fortnightly/monthly pilgrimage to six of the most creative pieces in Indian arts and crafts on the internet and share our discoveries with you.

The idea of this trip is to introduce you to India’s best of what’s out there and inspire you to do the best you can to be more creative, for creativity is a quality the world can do with a lot more of.

Welcome to this edition of Tripping on Indian Creativity, in which we’re going to look at flowers creatively. Rather, we’re going to take a close look at six artists who look at flowers creatively.


If Subha didn’t tell us what these flowers are made out of, we’d never have guessed. Yes, this lotus is made by hand entirely from clay. One look at them and we can well imagine why Subha Shree believes this is one of the most difficult projects she has undertaken. Way to go, Subha!


Divya Ramesh shows us how to lay out the flower carpet this Onam. So pretty, so original, and so welcoming are just some of the emotions that come to mind. Come on in.


In this extremely intricate and exuberant piece, Tanya Chibber demonstrates why flowers don’t have to be real to be full of life.


Lavanya Neelam proves with this handcrafted piece of imaginative thinking that a bunch of dull drinking straws can be transformed into much more than just a bunch of dull drinking straws.


What if you could customise your veni (pronounced ‘vey-ni’) to match your wedding sari? Bhuvaneswari Raja makes personalized flat and round venis, tiaras, and your traditional jadai that do that and more. What’s more, she also teaches you how.


Ms. Shridharan spends a lot of time on her rangolis, and flowers. When you see the ones she has created here, you’ll understand why. Prepare to be wowed.

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