Tripping on Indian Creativity #18

This fortnightly edition of the 6 most creative finds in arts and crafts includes ceramic miniatures of a brood of hen, life-sized tiger painting, ceramic miniature a mosaic planter holder, and more.

Roughly speaking, creativity can be defined as the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships or the like and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, and interpretations using the power of imagination.

At Engrave, we worship India’s ceaseless ability to create and recreate, and pay tribute to its artisans and craftspeople by undertaking a fortnightly/monthly pilgrimage to some of the most creative places in Indian arts and crafts on the internet and sharing these discoveries with you.

Put simply, the idea of this trip is to introduce you to India’s best of what’s out there and inspire you to do the best you can to be more creative, for creativity is a quality the world can do with a lot more of. Welcome.


Oil on canvas by Chetan Vadera’s father. So real. So skilled. So detailed. So creative. So awe-inspiring. And so unmissable. See more.

Oil On Canvas – 4 ft x 6 ft


Sheeja Rose Mathew shows you an incredible new way of making babies… with clay. It’s quite mind-blowing.

Baby Clay Model made using Polymer Clay


Akshay Shahapurkar uses his imagination and hard work to show us an appetising way to explore the art of rangoli. So unusual.

Hyper-realistic Rangoli


Mayank Jain Pottery explores the various elements of life through the rotating lens of clay, colours, ceramics and pottery. Join him and open your mind.

Ceramic Hen


How to turn a leaf into a canvas that wows you with intricate art? Ask Vibha Jain

Leaf Art


Neha Agarwal cut himself time and again during the three weeks that it took to come up with this mosaic planter holder made with shards of glass. Truly a case more pain, more gain in the pursuit of creativity. See more.

Mosaic Planter Holder

Update: We have compiled the entire series of blog posts on Tripping on Indian Creativity in one place. To read other editions of the series, click here.

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