Tripping on Indian Creativity #5

How do you convert trash to treasure? Guess who's the proud owner of a one-of-its-kind wood-carved Bhagwad Gita? All this and more on the 5th edition of our fortnightly coverage of Indian creativity.

Roughly speaking, dictionary dot com defines creativity as the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships or the like and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, and interpretations using the power of imagination.

At Engrave, we worship this ability to create and recreate in India day in and day out and have decided to pay tribute to the artisans and craftspeople that practice this by undertaking a fortnightly pilgrimage to six (6) of the most creative places in Indian arts and crafts on the internet and share our discoveries with you.

The idea of this trip is to introduce you to India’s best of what’s out there and inspire you to do the best you can to be more creative, for creativity is a quality the world can do with a lot more of. And on that note, welcome to this week’s six (6) most creative finds in arts and crafts in India on the internet.

1. Trash to Treasure

by Sangita Kishnani Pillai

Recycling trash is good. Turning trash into something beautiful is even better. And on that uplifting note, let’s meet Sangita Krishnani Pillai. She specializes in the art of creating something worthy from stuff that is generally considered worthless. See what amazing things can be done using magazine pages, cardboard, bottle caps, yarn, thread, the like, and oodles of imagination. Click here for a closer look. And like.

2. Gita Govinda

by Sandeep Soni

The Bhagavad Gita (often referred to as simply the Gita) is a 700-verse Hindu scripture in Sanskrit that is part of the Hindu epic Mahabharata. To take this profound piece of work and carve it on wood is, any which way you look at it, simply epic. Well, that’s exactly what Sandeep Soni has done, and earned kudos from no less than the Prime Minister of India for it. See more.

3. Flower power

by Ashwini Kabboor Kulkarni

You’ll never be able to guess what these flowers are made of by just looking at them. And, no, we shan’t diminish the ‘wow’ factor of it all by revealing all. Instead, we urge you to take a closer look at the amazing things Ashwini Kabboor Kulkarni can do with her hands and…well, it’s best you click here for the complete picture and story.

4. Bridal beauty

by Namrata Ak

The things that go into making an Indian bride look out of this world are, put simply, quite out of this world. The effort, the skill, the creativity, the imagination, the long hours, the rigour, and so much more are anything but ordinary. In fact, they are, more often than not, extraordinary. Much like this piece of bridal love on hands by Namrata Ak.

5. Papercuts above the ordinary

by Ritu Gera

All good creative work possesses the ability to make you go wow, to begin with, and wonder how it’s done after you’ve been initially wowed by it. You’ll know exactly what we mean when you look and keep looking at this masterpiece of papercut art by Ritu Gera. Go wow!

6. Hit the bottle

by Shola Binu

The art of making a bottle come alive is something Shola Binu is very skilled at. That said, it takes much more than just skill to do it so well. It takes imagination, an eye for detail, a steady hand, and long hours well spent. Well, don’t just take our word for it. Take a little time out and take a good look at the art of Shola Binu yourself.

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