Tripping on Indian Creativity #8

This fortnight's edition of the 6 most creative finds in arts and crafts in India on the internet include a knife painting and a life-like cat painted on a rock.

Roughly speaking, dictionary dot com defines creativity as the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships or the like and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, and interpretations using the power of imagination.

At Engrave, we worship this ability to create and recreate in India day in and day out and have decided to pay tribute to the artisans and craftspeople that practice this by undertaking a fortnightly pilgrimage to six (6) of the most creative pieces in Indian arts and crafts on the internet and share our discoveries with you.

The idea of this trip is to introduce you to India’s best of what’s out there and inspire you to do the best you can to be more creative, for creativity is a quality the world can do with a lot more of. And on that note, welcome to this fortnight’s six (6) most creative finds in arts and crafts in India on the internet.

1. Real Rangoli

by Pramod Sahu

Is this really a rangoli or what? The way we see it it’s much more than just a rangoli. It’s mind-blowing. It’s jaw-dropping. It’s unbelievable. Truth be told, it’s simply out of this world and a fine example of the amount of hard work (32 hours to be precise) Pramod Sahu has put into the art of being creative. Check it out, it’s really inspiring.

2. Pop out Art

by Suresh Rane

If we didn’t tell you these are sketches on paper, you’d definitely think they were real objects. Really, that’s how eye-popping and incredible these creations by Sushant Rane, a 19 year old student of Bachelor of Arts at Ramnarain Ruia College, are. Get ready to go wow!

3. Cutting edge art

by Sonali Bulsara

What do you think of when we say knife? Vegetables, meat, cutting board, killer, and such stuff, right? Well, what about artist? Now that takes imagination. Painting with a knife is quite hard to imagine for most of us. That’s why you should take a closer look the handiwork of Sonali Bulsara and her knife!

4. The fine art of spontaneity

by Kiran Bhatt

What you are about to see has been created by Kiran Bhatt without the services of an eraser. In other words, she has no place for second thoughts. Now that might not sound like much if you don’t take a look at what we are alluding to. That’s why you must, like, now.

5. Priyanka’s shavings

by Priyanka Sharma

Pencil shavings are meant to be trashed, right? Not. Not if you are Priyanka Sharma. Priyanka does a bunch of beautiful things with them. For instance, like so. So creative!

6. Sunanda rocks!

by Sunanda Sarker

This is creativity that rocks. In fact, this is art on a little piece of rock. Truth be told, you’d have to be a piece of stone to not be moved by it. See what we mean.

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