Editors Picks: 5 Truly Unique & Innovative Products

The Makers at Engrave are known for their creativity. From a bamboo speaker to an upcycled frying pan clock, here are five offerings from them to whet your appetite for more.

From Bamboo speakers that don’t consume electricity to frying pan clocks to crayon table lamps to more, our Makers use creativity time and again to transform the mundane into the extraordinary. If you love unique products, we have put together a selection of five that will surprise and delight you in more ways than one.


The bamboo speaker by Auraz Design is a length of bamboo with a slot carved for the iPhone to snuggle into. The sound reverberates through the pipe and amplifies what you are listening to. This bamboo speaker is 100% natural, stylish, and needs no electricity. The simple design works as a speaker and a dock that is stable and sounds great.


The time to look into what’s cooking is a good time to introduce yourself to this quirky number from 10AM. Decorate your kitchen with this cool and useful item of timely decor that looks at frying pans in a whole new way via up-cycling.


This lamp base is made out of Faber Castlell crayons! That’s right, crayons. For the fun side of table lamps, take a good look at this innovative offering from the world of Desi Jugaad.


Indian match box and truck art on the cover of a bright cheeky, handy notebook. The spine has an actual match box striker strip. Each notebook is handmade and lovingly-designed by Sky Goodies. This is a most eye-catching and gorgeous way to make a note of things that matter.


The safest version of a towering inferno for your home is here. This candle-light is an upstanding and outstanding take on the good old candle. Add the light touch to your interiors with this solid offering by Conkreate.

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