Meet The Maker: Tushina Goyal – Lakdi ki Kaathi

Picking the brains of Tushina, the artistic genius behind Lakdi ki Kaathi, who is looking to bridge the gap between art and functional products.

“To me, art is the echo of my soul.” – Tushina Goyal, founder – Lakdi ki Kaathi

Creativity takes courage. Artists, after all, are only as good as their last creation. But if you’re as talented as Tushina Goyal and creativity rests in your bones, there’s very little you need to worry about. The face and hands behind Lakdi ki Kaathi, Tushina is a NIFT, New Delhi Fashion Design alumna who seeks art in all forms of life. Born in Agra, she has worked with various corporate houses and brands like Calvin Klein, DKNY, and Ralph Lauren. An active practitioner of Pranic healing, she is currently settled in Kolkata with her two lovely daughters. Along with that, of course, she has her artist studio where she creates magic by fusing pieces of her soul into the artworks. We spoke to her to learn more about her brand, and of course, her fascinating connection with art.

Tushina Goyal

Tushina Goyal, Founder – Lakdi ki Kaathi

Tell us a little about Lakdi ki Kaathi.

When I started creating art about a decade ago, people began identifying the products by my name ‘Tushina’. While that was flattering, I, however, was looking for a name that was quirky, easy to remember, and yet, speaks about the product. During a casual conversation, a cousin suggested it—I loved it—and there has been no looking back since. Lakdi ki Kaathi is an artist studio that creates unique, handcrafted lifestyle products that may be customised or bought off-the-rack. As the head designer my primarily focus is to bridge the distance between art and great functional products.

But how did it all start? Where did the idea come from?

When my elder daughter was about 2 years old, I designed a nameplate for her room which received rave reviews and orders too. Soon, this hobby turned into a full-fledged business. I started working with NGOs and underprivileged women and teaching them crafting to empower them. We conducted various exhibitions in various MNCs in the Delhi-NCR region to these help these women gain some confidence and earn money in the process. It was then that I realised that crafting had become the food and therapy for my soul.

What do you mean when you say that you’re trying to bridge the distance between art and functional products?

So when we speak about art, a layman understand paintings, wall art, M.F. Hussain, right? And that’s the mentality that I want to change. Take small lifestyle products like a napkin holder, remote stand, or a simple key chain, for example. These are simple functional lifestyle products. As an artist, I get the raw one made in excellent quality wood, keeping in mind the utility aspect and then use those bases as my canvas to create artwork on them. And each artwork I create constitutes a message, a story right out of my soul. I genuinely hope it brings as much joy to the customer using it as it brings to me while creating it.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I like recycling, up-cycling and reusing small embellishments and other similar products that look interesting to me. So once I find that one fascinating centrepiece I kind of let it speak its own story to me and I work around it. My creative mantra, actually, is…


“To gather, then crumble and then again combine…

to whitewash it all and then again add rainbow hues…

to re-mould and re-make and beautify all around me…”


What’s most popular creation yet? Also, which one is your favourite?

My bestselling items are mainly my lifestyle utility products like the book holder and small boxes. My favourite is definitely the Abundance and Prosperity Mixed Media Chakla made and blessed specifically for wealth, success, growth, harmony and prosperity in life. It helped me rekindled my fires and chase my passion after a long hiatus. The positive energy around this wall art piece is magnetic!

Rainbow BOx

Rainbow Box

What are some of the challenges you face?

I mean, being a single mother of two young girls, or handling a business alone in a new city would sound challenging to all. But if I’m honest, that’s not my challenge at all. I love every bit of it.

Tushina Goyal

Tushina Goyal, loving life, with her lovely daughters

My challenge is making the customer accept that a handmade product is durable. My challenge is convincingly explaining that art, the love and the soul that goes behind each creation is more valuable that the Chinese factory goods. My challenge is to make them value organic and recycled products. It’s difficult, sure, but I stay committed to my mission!

The fact is, when you enjoy what you do, you do not mind these little hindrances. The smiles, the cheer, the blessings, the reviews, the calls, I receive from clients all over the globe is just the cherry on the cake.

What can we expect in the future from Lakdi ki Kaathi?

I am looking to expand my business to such heights that I create opportunities for thousands of underprivileged women and help them grow socially and economically. Also I want to give them a platform to allow them to speak through their art, like I do with mine. I want them to be free, to just let go, live life, and be independent and happy doing what they do best.

I also do want to do pioneering work in amalgamating art with auspicious spiritual energies. As mentioned earlier, I am an active practitioner of Pranic healing and have created a range of wall art paintings endowed with angelic and Pranic blessings to bring tranquility and positivity. I want to research and practice in this field much more to throw more light into people’s lives. The dream, after all, is to see my work spreading light, colours, and joy to every nook and corner imaginable!

Visit the Lakdi ki Kaathi shop on Engrave

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