9 Unique Gifts To Make Christmas Extra Special

Unique Christmas gifts that are made with love, imbued with yuletide spirit, and wrapped in a cocoon of warm greetings from our passionate makers.

Christmas is a universal celebration. But people are different in so many wonderful little ways. Much like these unique, handcrafted gifts made with love, imbued with yuletide spirit, and wrapped in a cocoon of warm greetings our passionate Makers have in store for you this festive season. Merry Xmas!


The art of each notebook in this series is a mix of Indian truck graphics and hand-painted street art. The spine has a faux match box striker strip. Designed exclusively by Sky Goodies, these cool notebooks complement each other as a set, for yourself or as a gift. You want to make a note of this.


Bells, gingerbread man, tree, what do these three words remind you off? That’s right, soap. To be precise, natural, comforting, fragrant Christmas soap made with the goodness of goat’s milk and enhanced with natural herb fragrances that cleanse and soothe. Introduce yourself to these Christmassy beauties from HK’s Handcrafted Soap.


Plaques are eye-catching, engaging, and versatile. If you’re looking for some mood and décor enhancers at this time of the year, you might want to get into the spirit of the season with this Christmas-themed offering-on-plaque from Kreate.


Thoughtfully-chosen bath kits are memorable. Like this one from Pratha Naturals and Handmade. It contains:
1. Organic Lavender with sea butter soap
2. Jasmine love soap
3. Sweet Lemon Lip balm
4. Good Bye stress Massage Oil
5. Aromatic candle

Feel pampered.


Xmas is a time to drink and be merry. And that means you need coasters. Merrily, this Christmassy set from Butterfly Homes is made for the season. The set contains four coasters, each with a different Christmas motif cut through it. Hand designed to get you into the Yule tide spirit of things.

7. XMUG:

Winter is here. And Christmas is coming. For the love of GOT meets Christmas, lay your hands on this Christmas is Coming coffee mug from Splendid Creation. Cheers.


A classy offering from Home Artisan. The minimalist design language focuses on “the less is more approach.” A deep emphasis is placed on detail and quality of material used. With clean lines and airy structures, this has a very contemporary appeal. Explore.


A fun and eco-friendly to gift or serve a classic Christmas beverage. Made from jute with beautiful Santa detailing this wine bag by Meraki By Shraddha makes for the perfect Christmas gift.

For more unique Christmas gifts check out our Christmas Store.

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