Unique Gifts For Your Sister This Raksha Bandhan

Brothers, Raksha Bandhan is coming up soon – August 26, to be precise. What will you gift your sister? How will you make it special? What is unique? Come on in for answers.

It is that time of the year again, brothers and sisters. It’s soon going to be time for Raksha Bandhan, which is coming up on August 26. What will you gift your sister? No, don’t take the easy way out by handing over some cash. Instead, give it some thought. Make it unique. Make it personal. And don’t forget the date. That’s how you can make it really special. And to help you with all that and more, here are 8 gift suggestions from us that are just perfect for Raksha Bandhan. You’re very welcome.


Inspirational and unusual world art by De Niche that’s beautiful to behold and thought-provoking to decode. If your sister is the creative sort, this is an offering she will most likely appreciate and remember fondly for years to come.  


Plaques are warm, they are memorable, the stay with you for years to come, and they can be customised. For all these reasons, this Raksha Bandhan, this Sister Plaque by Artycor is a loving way to go. 



On Raksha Bandhan, the gift of chocolate is not a bad idea. A really good idea, though, is this box of chocolate by Rage that’s specially crafted for Raksha Bandhan.



Word play is fun. And if you’re fortunate enough to have a sister who loves word play too, this set of inventive and eye-catching coasters by 10AM is definitely something she will enjoy the punny side of.


The striking and enduring power of simplicity is often underestimated, taken for granted or, worse, ignored. The brother-sister relationship, too, is often taken for granted. This elegant bracelet in silver by LeCalla is a simple way to remind her on a special day how precious she is, and will always be.


Do you consider your sister a superhero? Is she incredible, amazing, and marvellous? You bet she is, right? Great! Well, celebrate and say cheers to the superhero you sister is with this unique, tongue-in-cheek offering from 10AM.



Recall all the good times and bad you have shared with your sister with this smile-inducing wall-hanging by Lumbernotes that embodies the affectionately combative way that many brothers and sisters feel about each other. 



This personalised cushion cover and coffee mug set is the perfect way to remind your sister of the bond you share. This unique design from Eiffel Textile has your photo framed inside a rakhi.

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