Folks, 2017 Could Be Your Year If You Follow These Unique New Year’s Resolution Ideas

With the new year a mere two sleeps away (that is, if you choose to sleep on the 31st, you party animal, you), there’s a chance to grow as a person and make 2017 all about self-improvement. If you’re looking to turn a corner in the forthcoming year, here are 20 ideas to help you achieve just that!

2016, for better or worse (OK, yes, mostly worse) will go down in history as a memorable year. Between heartbreaking civil wars, watching right-wing demagogues rise to power, standing in queues, and dealing with the trauma of some our favourite celebrities kicking the bucket, there has been little or no time for us to focus on our individual selves. However, with the new year a mere two sleeps away (that is, if you choose to sleep on the 31st, you party animal, you), there’s a chance to grow as a person and make 2017 all about self-improvement. If you’re looking to turn a corner in the forthcoming year, here are 20 ideas to help you achieve just that!

1. Substitute Alcohol For A Healthier Beverage

It’d be preposterous to suggest you quit alcohol, but it’s not wise to be a borderline alcoholic either. If that beer belly is beginning to take shape or you find yourself with a glass of beer every night, it’d be wise to cut down consumption and stick to social drinking.

Replace The Alcohol with: Lemon Mint Green Tea

2. Lead A More Organised Life

As eventful and exciting as it might seem, leading a chaotic, no-shits-given life will eventually have disastrous consequences. Being organised not only adds structure to your life, but also helps boost productivity, and can take some load off your already stressful life.

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And to help you remember important dates

3. Support Your Local Artisans

Ask yourself a simple question — does it make more sense to walk into a mall and overpay for a something that hundreds of others will own? Or would you rather pay the same amount for an item that’s handcrafted by an artisan that is one of a kind? Furthermore, if you buy from a mall, you’re only adding more money into a faceless millionaire’s account. Going local might just help you feed another hard working family that’s trying to make an honest living!

Hold things down with: Elephun – Paper Weight (Bidri Art)

4. Go Green!

Global warming is at its peak, and if you’re in denial, just step out and take a stroll during one ‘winter’ afternoon in Mumbai. If you really do care about the environment, though, it needs to start at a personal level. The little things you do every day can inspire people and make a big difference in the long run.

Replace those plastic bags with: Cute Jute Shopping Bag

5. And While You’re At It, Go Organic

Being healthy isn’t limited to paying an exorbitant amount for a gym membership in a bid to get ripped. As most fitness experts will tell you, it’s mostly about looking after what you consume and what goes in your body. 80% diet, 20% exercise is where it’s at, so going organic will definitely work wonders.

6. Detoxify

While we’re on the subject of staying healthy, detoxification is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to get rid of harmful toxins in your body. Who doesn’t want to feel refreshed and revitalised everyday, after all?

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7. Keep In Touch With Your Loved Ones

We don’t really have the concept of Christmas cards in India, and given technological progress, it’s getting increasingly easier to keep in touch with people — even if they’re on the other side of the planet.

However, a handwritten letter has its own charm that no form of technology can replace. Try writing letters to your kin every now and then, and we guarantee you, they’ll cherish those letters (and the effort you put in) for life!

8. Try Your Hand In The Kitchen

Cooking is an essential life skill that every single one of us should learn to master. If you’re a noob in the kitchen, try to change that once and for all, and you’ll never go hungry again in your life!

And to get things just right

9. Make A Cleaner Home

Your immediate environment is a reflection of you — so try not to live in a dumpster, please!

10. Be Punctual!

Don’t be that person who says, “I’ll be there in five minutes!” while you still haven’t taken a shower. Also, don’t be that person who’s ‘fashionably late’ — that’s just a misleading term for someone who’s lazy and doesn’t respect time.

11. Start Saving

OK, you don’t need to be a scrooge, but there are two ways you can save money. There are always mutual funds and fixed deposits, but the easier way to save money is buy not splurging in everyday life. We suggest you go old school with a piggy bank.

12. Travel More

Not all of us can afford to indulge in ‘wanderlust’ and set off to Macau or Mauritius on a whim, but travelling doesn’t need to be limited to that. There are always weekend road trips with friends to a nearby town, a new city, or hill stations too. And oh, 2017 has a handful of long weekends every month — so that should help!

13. Be More Creative Or Just Hands On

Given how cheap labour is in India, we’re used to having everything on a plate. So, next year, try and be more hands on and give DIY a shot. It’s a great hobby to have and you’ll be surprised at how much you’re able to achieve if you let your creative juices flow!

14. Read More!

It stimulates the mind, it expands your vocabulary, and most importantly, it helps you learn. If you’re not a reader, pick up something that intrigues you and get into the habit, and you are one, well, when’s it ever a bad idea to read more?

15. Get More Quality Sleep

If you hit the sack at 4 am despite knowing you have to report to office at 9, then well, that’s on you. This new year, please put your health first and fix your routine. Being dependent on caffeine while running on four hours of sleep will really mess your system up eventually.

16. Adopt A Pet

It’s always nice to have a four-legged furry companion, and if you’re looking for one, please try to not buy a fancy breed. There are tons of animals out there in shelters who desperately need a home, so adopt a pet and to your life and theirs a better place.

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17. Be More Romantic

Much like handwritten letters, romantic gestures will be cherished by your significant other. Most relationships end because people stop trying and get complacent — so express your love for your partner in ways you know they’ll appreciate.

18. Maintain A Journal

There are plenty of reasons to go down the ‘Dear Diary’ route, and every single one of them is valid. Whether it is to simply jot ideas down, or keep a track of your day, or well, to simply pour your heart out, maintaining a journal definitely has its benefits. It helps heal your emotional scars and most importantly, helps you grow as an individual.

Rameez Shaikh

Rameez Shaikh is a twenty-three year old writer. With a degree in journalism to his name, he's an aspiring author with an absolutely astounding admiration for alliteration. Leisure propels him to read, dance, pen fiction and gloat about himself in third person. On weekdays, he works as a features writer. On weekends, he's a Manchester United fan.


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