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Little Miss Makes is an interesting name with an equally engaging range of products. What does it stand for? What is it about? Where does it come from? Where does it want to go? Who are the people behind it? These are some of the questions that come to mind.

Behind Little Miss Makes

Engrave is about hosting handcrafted products that are well made in India. Little Miss Makes is one such brand that we’re privileged to have in our stable.

Little Miss Makes is an interesting name with an equally engaging range of products. What does it stand for? What is it about? Where does it come from? Where does it want to go? Who are the people behind it? These are some of the questions that come to mind.

Well, we spoke to Vasundhra Jain, the heart and soul behind Little Miss Makes, in order to get to understand what this cutely-named brand is all about.

The People

Little Miss Makes is more of an individual initiative. Vasundhra has a small team of carpenters and painters to help her give shape to Little Miss Makes products. In addition to this team, Vasundhra believes she is helped immensely by the support she receives from members of her family. What she values most is the fact that they help her stay grounded, while doing everything they can to ensure Little Miss Makes soars.

Vasundhra, founder of Little Miss Makes is all smiles

The Story

We also asked Vasundhra, the name behind the name, for the story behind it. She told us that she decided to call her venture Little Miss Makes because she was looking for a name that went well with her personality and gave rise to the fairytale imagery she wanted to associate with her products.

Vasundhra wanted the name to be something pronounceable, unique, warm, dreamy, charming, and quick to recall. In addition, she was sure the name should be about a basket of different things that she was setting out to make by hand. Keeping these aspirations in mind, Vasundhra (and her sister) settled on Little Miss Makes.

The Place

Where a maker creates is most important. The place, in some crucial ways dictates the output. We asked Vasundhra about the space she has created to make the things that emerge from Little Miss Makes.

Vasundhra said, “I am someone who cannot leave work unattended or incomplete. I must work until i know I can’t work anymore. I guess you can call me a bit of a perfectionist and a workaholic. As a result, I decided to have my workspace at my residence itself. Fortunately, I had a large space to play around with and it gave me the opportunity to work through the night and well into the wee hours of the morning.”

All of which, we think, allows Little Miss Makes to create products that are so personal, intimate, and, well, homely.

The Inspiration

The Victorian and French era of the 19th century is where Little Miss Makes takes its primary cues from. Vasundhra says that she is attracted the subtlety and elegance that epitomises these eras.

That she finds the colours and designs from that age very subtle, soothing, and elegant. In addition, the eras also go hand-in-hand with every girl’s dream of being a princess and having a room that reflects the way things look in these dreams.

That said, she is most inspired by what her clients want. Making people happy with their surroundings is what Vasundhra loves doing and when you focus on customizing ideas, the possibilities are endless.

The When

Like many good things, Little Miss Makes came about through a combination of unexpected events. Always very artistic and creative, Vasundhra comes from a family of creative thinkers. She loves to try different things and improve them by adding a personal touch.

After she completed her MBA, she wanted to do something unique and creative with her life. But before doing so, she took up a job with Accenture, which she soon quit, when she realised it was not her cup of masala tea.

Instead, she chose to do something more stimulating. This led to the idea of starting Little Miss Makes, which popped into Vasundhra’s head after she created a charming make-up box for her sister’s wedding – this was in December 2014. Soon, friends and relatives began asking her to do similar things for them. And thus was born Little Miss Makes, in 2015.

The Challenge

Make no mistake, it’s not easy to start something on your own. In fact, most will tell you it’s a mistake. There are so many things that get in the way, that make you want to chuck it up. What are the challenges that give Vasundhra sleepless nights?

Vasundhra said, “I think the biggest challenge for me is to master my desire for perfection. I’m not satisfied until every piece is perfect in my rulebook. When you employ other people it brings that difficulty of managing them and getting things done the right way.”

The Future

Vasundhra’s dream is to have a store that creates and sells home accessories and unique pieces of furniture under the name Little Miss Makes some three years from now. Well, our dream is to help Little Miss Makes and Vasundhra get there.

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